Dr. Assad, A True Man Of The People, Breaks Fast With SAA In Eastern Ghouta

by Jonathan Azaziah

This is why I love Dr. Bashar al-Assad. The Syrian President is pictured here breaking the fast in Eastern Ghouta with the brave soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army. Syria’s head of the state, on one of the most volatile battlefields in the country, eating with his men, during Islam’s Holiest Month, and not a drop of fear in his aura! Beautiful! To hell with the Zionist media’s filthy, fallacious depiction of him as an “autocrat disconnected from his ‘subjects'”; to hell with the “radical leftist” portrayal of him as a “dictator hated by the people” with a “cult of personality” and a “sycophantic inner circle” surrounding him ; to hell with it all. In blatant contradiction of such unhinged, US-State-Dept-originated Zioganda, the Lion of Damascus is a true man of the people who loves and supports the Syrian citizenry and its armed forces as much as they love and support him. Could a national military wage an unconventional war against Empire-backed Takfiri terrorism for over half a decade if the nation’s leader was a maniacal despot who raped and pillaged his own people for his own selfish aims, among them pure bloodthirsty kicks and giggles? Would nearly 90% of Syrians vote for a man in an internationally-administered democratic election if he was an insulated megalomaniac who didn’t have their interests, i.e. the eradication of the aforementioned Empire-backed terrorism, the preservation of their nation’s ancient pluralism and the defense of its sovereignty, at heart? Of course not.

Fact is, Assad is as Syrian as any other Syrian, and this is reflected by arguably his most famous declaration, “I’m not a puppet. I wasn’t made by the West to go to a Western state or any other country. I’m Syrian. I was made in Syria. I have to live in Syria and die in Syria.” Can you imagine the “kings” of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Jordan and Morocco, or the “emirs” of Qatar, the UAE and Kuwait, or the “sultan” of Oman being on the front lines with their armies in Yemen? Not now, not ever! These despots wouldn’t be caught dead there because then… well… they’d be CAUGHT DEAD there, you know?! And again, this is why I love Assad. Because just like the Syrian Arab Republic is the last resistant bastion of Arabism, the Syrian President is the last Arab head of state who leads and governs with Mouqawamah Consciousness. He’s the Nasser of our time. And regardless of what Western “pundits” and “Palestine Solidarity Movement” activist frauds happen to think otherwise, he has the eloquence, intelligence, victories, and, as evidenced by this photo (and so many others), dauntlessness and connectedness to his people to back it up and then some. ‪#‎LongLiveSyria‬ ‪#‎LongLiveAssad‬

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