Did You Know Imam Khamenei and Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) Visited Occupied Kashmir And Cosigned Its Struggle?

by Jonathan Azaziah

Did you know that Imam Khamenei and martyred Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed Abbas Moussawi (R.A.) both visited occupied Kashmir in the 1980s? The second chief of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance traveled to the Bleeding Paradise to offer his solidarity and support to Kashmiri fighters and protesters brutalized by the Hindutvadi occupation army. He prayed in Sunni mosques, Shi’a mosques and Sufi mosques and told all of the moujahideen and shabab that Hizbullah was with them. Pictures of the fiery Resistance pioneer are routinely seen at Kashmiri Azadi demonstrations to this day and much of the armed resistance draws its inspiration from Lebanon’s liberators. It is also a matter of intense speculation – partly because of the murderous Indian regime’s propaganda and partly due to the almost-mythical, righteous stature of the Party in which both enemies and admirers think it is everywhere and nowhere at once – as to whether or not he provided arms and know-how to the Vale’s revolutionary activists. Perhaps we’ll never know.

Imam Khamenei for his part had a pivotal impact on Kashmiris. In fact, the entry of Sayyed Abbas (R.A.) was made possible by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, as the latter’s speech at a Sunni mosque brought tranquility at a time the Indian usurpers were heavily stoking sectarian differences and trying to split the Azadi movement. The Imam prayed beside Shaheed-e-Millat Mirwaiz Maulvi Farooq (R.A.)–assassinated by RAW agents in 1990–and embraced him, declaring that Iran, as a nation which just shook off the yoke of oppression after two and a half millennia of monarchical-feudalist rule, stood with Kashmir 100%. From then on, it became commonplace for Shi’a to pray in Sunni mosques and Sunnis to pray in Shi’a mosques. Hindutva’s divisive scheme was destroyed. The presence of these Mouqawamah godfathers in the Vale serves as a stern reminder of just how much importance Kashmir has to Islam and the struggle of the Moustazafeen against Empire Judaica.

The Indian regime has never been a friend of the oppressed, with Muslims, Dalits, Christians, Sikhs and women of every “caste” and religious affiliation suffering under its discriminatory jackboot for decades and decades. Kashmiris have suffered the worst of it followed by the Naxalites of the Red Corridor. But never has this been more evident than in the age of Modi the Monster who has taken New Delhi’s half-century-old alliance with the usurping Zionist entity public and isn’t just unapologetic… He’s ecstatic. Last year, he visited occupied Palestine, signing 7 wide-ranging, interlinked MOUs related to water, agriculture, space travel, economics, technology, defense and more. This year, Netanyahu the Negasonic Nutjob visited India and signed 9 more MOUs centered on cyber-security, oil, gas, solar energy, science, air transportation, medicine and film production.

The Hindutvadi-Zionist alliance also merged deeper with the establishment of the India-‘Israel’ Industrial R&D and Technological Innovation Fund, the India-‘Israel’ CEO Forum and the most dangerous one of all, the India-‘Israel’ Innovation Bridge–which has an agenda of fusing ‘Israeli’ and Indian tech companies and is undoubtedly connected to the Talpiot-8200-9900 nexus. The prime ministers of the two war criminal “democracies” want to see Indian-‘Israeli’ trade reach 20 billion dollars within the next 5 years. A horrifying thought. Even more horrifying is that the Indian-‘Israeli’ defense-intelligence relationship is the closest it has ever been and we’re seeing the blood-drenched results in Kashmir, Pakistan–where “Tel Aviv” and New Delhi have been implementing the Dragon Policy (4th Generation Warfare that has ravaged the Pakistani Army) since 9/11–and occupied Afghanistan too. India accounts for 41% of ‘Israeli’ weapons exports. And as anti-Muslim violence across “Hindustan” rages, all of which is egged on by the BJP gangster regime, we see the furtherance of ideological closeness as well between the Jewish supremacist “state” and Hindutva. It’s near impossible to figure out where one begins and the other ends.

So when you raise your voice against the oppressors of Kashmir, you are in lockstep with Resistance Axis ideology and praxis because it isn’t just India bathing in Kashmiri blood but the Indian state’s closest ally… the Zio-Tumor. Which means it isn’t just the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime bathing in Palestinian blood but also its Southeast Asia Subcontinent junior partner… The gang of cow-urine-drinkers led by Modi. Imam Khamenei and Sayyed Moussawi (R.A.) made it a point to go to Srinagar because politically, strategically and Islamically it is clearer than clear that the Kashmiri struggle for justice, freedom and peace is part and parcel of all efforts to combat Zio-Imperialist hegemony. And as Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.) insisted upon often, none of us are truly free until the light of OUR Kashmir is no longer blocked out by the darkness of tyranny and occupation. Thus, in the spirit of the Imams of the Islamic Revolution and one of Hizbullah’s holiest Martyrs… We say DTI: Death to ‘Israel’, of course. But also, death to (the regime of) India too–its crimes against the Kashmiri people since October 27th, 1947 will never, EVER be forgiven. #LabaykahYaKhamenei #LabaykahYaMoussawi #LongLiveKashmir #AzadiForTheVale #FreeKashmir #DTIandDTI

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