Degenerate London Anti-Trump Demos I: Hypocrites Didn’t Protest Obama And Aren’t Protesting Trump’s Actual Crimes Either

by Jonathan Azaziah

The London protests against Trump are a joke. A sick joke. A bubbling pile of puke, really. When a “baby blimp” becomes the shimmering symbol of how you express “resistance” to “the establishment”, you know that the plot isn’t just lost, it’s in another dimension and utterly unrecoverable. These demos have zero demands in place and no intent to drop knowledge on anyone about any topic. Plus, they’re not even out to achieve a bleeding thing! They’re protesting merely for the sake of protesting because Trump, according to them, is a racist, a misogynist, a xenophobe and of course, Hitler reincarnated with a terrible tangerine tan. It hasn’t come out yet but you can bet your asses, your feet and your ears too that the dirty color revolution money of destabilizationist Jews George Soros and Peter Lewis will be found all over this mockery of defiance. Meanwhile, Trump dropped 44,096 bombs in his first year alone–that’s 121 bombs a day, one every 12 minutes–sold $460 billion in weapons to Saudi Arabia, doubled support to the Saudis as they keep bombing and starving millions of civilians in Yemen, put cruel sanctions back on the Islamic Republic of Iran, increased efforts to crush Venezuela, built a dozen more illegal military bases in Syria whilst backing Zionized Kurdish separatists who seek to balkanize the country, signed a pledge to protect the ‘Israeli’ entity’s fanatical nuke program and gave a gang of Goldman Sachs Jews free reign over the Treasury Department. Think the “revolutionaries” of “Together Against Trump” are screaming at the top of their lungs against ANYYYYYYYYYYYYYY of this? HELL NO. None of this upsets them. It’s Trump’s mean words and crass demeanor that they find upsetting, not his subservience to Zio-Imperialism. Pathetic.

Moreover, does anyone recall a protest movement called, I don’t know… Let’s say… “Together Against Obama”? Because… After all… Mr. “Hope and Change” bombed Libya back to the primordial ooze and then gave the country to slave-selling Takfiri freaks; unleashed the Wahhabi terrorist scourge on Syria; oversaw not one but TWO ‘Israeli’ massacres of Palestinian innocents in besieged Gaza; happily greenlit the murderous Saudi regime’s war on Yemen that Orange Oaf Trump now presides over; toppled governments in Brazil, Honduras, Paraguay, Ukraine and elsewhere; gave ‘Israel’ more military aid than any other president; deported 3.1 million human beings out of the US; gave birth to AFRICOM; plundered Mali’s gold reserves; and oversaw a 24-fold increase in the militarization of Anti-Black pigs (police) all over America. Anybody at all?? No??? So there wasn’t a “Together Against Obama” movement in spite of all this?! OF COURSE THE HELL NOT. Because all these “resistance” types worshiped at the Obama altar like their Zionist masters told them to. But now we should trust their sincerity when it comes to Trump? GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE.

If you want to see what ACTUAL resistance to the Trump ZOG’s polices look like, you can gaze upon the righteous faces of the Resistance Axis, the steadfast Palestinian people who continue with their Great March of Return, the resolute Russian Federation, the Bolivarian states of Latin America and a growing number of Anti-Parasitic artists and activists who know that the enemy is Global Zionism and aren’t falling for anymore okey dokes. As for the “Together Against Trump” circus… I suggest that they tie themselves to the “baby blimp” that they’re so fond of and drift far, far away with it. Humanity assuredly would be much better off.

One thought on “Degenerate London Anti-Trump Demos I: Hypocrites Didn’t Protest Obama And Aren’t Protesting Trump’s Actual Crimes Either”

  1. HAHAHA well put. I really don’t appreciate their fake #resist Drumpf movement at all. We’d be better off without the screeching zio-banshees.

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