Defiance Personified: Iraqis Perform Eid Prayers At Mossad-Takfiri Blast Site In Karrada

by Jonathan Azaziah

Love my people! I present to you the living, breathing, physical, visual, literal personification of DEFIANCE. Just 72 hours after the Mossad-Takfiri blast in the Karrada district of Baghdad that claimed the lives of at least 250 innocents, Iraqis marched to the site of the murderous attack and performed prayers for Eid al-Fitr, telling ISIS and its masters in the most elucidated of terms: Your suicide bombs and your sectarian hate, along with your violence and your Oded Yinon plan are comparable to mere gnats pestering a pride of lions; we just swat it all down like it ain’t even a thing and keep rollin’. Iraq will never bow to the Zionist-Saudi fitnah. Iraqis will never let you chisel away at our unity and our brotherhood. We are the founders and builders of civilization; you are the ashes of empires underneath us. We are knowledge, mathematics, science, poetry and language; you are backwardness, billowing boorishness and barbarism. We are beauty, splendiferous, sublime, striking beauty; you are subhuman, ulcerous ugliness made flesh. We are the sanctified sands that are awash in the holy martyr blood of Imam Ali (A.S.), Imam Hussein (A.S.), Zayd (A.S.) and Al-Mukhtar (R.A.); you are the corrupted desert of scorpions and snakes that bears nothing but the footprints of Amreeki and Sahyouni occupiers. We are the Phoenix; you are the evil that is burned in our path of flight when we depart triumphantly from the white hot room. We are IRAQ. And there is no scheme that ‘Israel’, the American ZOG, Al-Saud and their Takfiri tools can ever execute that will make us forget our 10,000 years of glorious history, nor make us abandon our fierce, unbreakable will to love, fight, resist, defy and LIVE. #EidMubarak #LongLiveIraq #WeAreOneHand

Eid Prayers Karrada Today 2 Eid Prayers Karrada Today 3

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