Death To The Zionist-Serving, Saudi-Owned Sisi Regime In Cairo

by Jonathan Azaziah


I rhymed about this tyrant for my 2014 debut “Enemy Of The Entity” in a joint called “F*** The Pharaoh”. I took a shot at him on my July 2015 record “Son of Kufa Vol. 1: Rise Of The Anomaly” in my single “Counter-Hegemony”. Ripped the despot once more for the new album, “Felicity Of The Oppressed”, in a gem called “Pharaoh Must Go”. Done numerous Mouqawamah Music Mask of Zion Report programs on him for The Ugly Truth. None of it is enough though. This despotic devil cannot be condemned, insulted, torn apart and verbally assaulted enough.

He’s Mubarak and Mursi put together: Mubarak’s secular extremist iron grip on every sector of Egyptian society, mixed with the reprehensible, anti-Shi’a sectarianism of Mursi, albeit a bit subtler, multiplied by an even bigger love for the usurping Zionist entity, with the closer ties to the Mossad-Aman-IOF-Shabak establishment to boot. Sisi has the same indentured servitude to Washington; the same addiction to Saudi-Emirati petro-cash; the same oppressive neoliberal policies which are killing Egyptians slowly. All the tendencies of his predecessors… Only suped up like a dirty fighter on steroids. The drowning of Palestinians in the lifeline tunnels of Gaza; the besieging of the Strip as a whole in collusion with the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime; the warplanes, warships and soldiers he contributed to the genocidal aggression against Yemen, Sisi has proven himself to be the best friend that the American-Zionist-Saudi alliance has ever had in Egypt.

Many in our camp dropped the ball in defense of this collaborator because of his crackdown on the “Muslim” Brotherhood–which, for the record, was done because his owners in the US, Riyadh and “Tel Aviv” were more comfortable with the old guard than Mursi, who didn’t go as far as the ‘Israelis’ wanted in Operation Pillar of Cloud–but all should be undeniably elucidated now, especially after watching him pal around with Saudi “King” Salman over the last several days. This Palestinian-killing, Yemeni-slaughtering, Zionist-serving, Saudi-owned piece of trash known as Abdul Fatah al-Sisi is an enemy of everything right and just in this world, and like the monsters he sold his soul to, he has GOT TO GO.

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