by Brendon O’Connell, Isolate But Preserve

If the man and his daughter were “Jews”, the international media would have been notified. But they are “worthless Muslims” so the Western Australian police do nothing.



Two men threaten Mustafa and his children with death! They come to his place of business, the ask if he is a Muslim and when Mustafa replied “Yes”, they tell him, “Fuck off to your own country or we will kill you!”(THREAT TO KILL)

Mustafa tells them to leave and to cease scaring his children aged 13, 9 and 8. The men are swearing profusely. They tell Mustafa, “We will kill you in front of your kids!” They pour a drink all over the kebab shop counter and rip down a plastic strip that covers the door way and keeps out flies.

(^^^ Mustafa’s Kebab Shop where the incident took place)

Mustafa gets them out of his shop. He gets the kids into the car but the men block his way (DEPRIVATION OF LIBERTY) and in the middle of the street, and in front of people outside a Pub/Bar, yell at Mustafa again, “We will kill you in front of your kids!” (THREATS TO KILL)

Mustafa makes it to the police station and asks them to come quickly. He drops his kids at home and returns to his shop. The police arrest one of the men.

The police tell Mustafa the man is facing three very serious charges. Indeed he is. Aggravated by the fact the man came to Mustafa’s business and threatened him multiple times with death IN FRONT of his kids. This is MAJOR jail time. Also aggravated by the racial/religious nature of the threat.

A police woman tells Mustafa she will take a statement from Mustafa’s 13 year old daughter Miriam. This never happened.

Mustafa went back to the police station several days later and asked what was happening. Police said they had no idea what he was talking about. There was no record of the event.

Mustafa returned to the police station 5 times. On 4 occasions police stated there was no record of any incident on that night to do with Msutafa and his shop and a threat to kill. Eventually, one female police officer admitted there was something but refused to tell Mustafa any information at all. When Mustafa argued with her that he was the victim of a crime and he had the right to know who the person was who threatened to kill him was, and when he would be attending court and what his charges were, she told him he had no right to that information.

Mustafa went and saw a more senior officer who told him straight away that of course he had the right to that information. But when the senior officer went to look for the information on the police computer there was no record of any charges being laid.

Mustafa went to his Member of Parliament – Mia Davies – and her Electorate Officer Theresa Middis emailed Mustafa that police had told her Mustafa had not wanted to make a formal complaint – this is an outrageous lie.

Quote: “I spoke with the officer in charge at the Northam police station about the incident at your kebab shop on Saturday 27 September. I was advised that 4 officers attended the reported disturbance at the shop and the offenders were removed from the premises. The police advised that neither you nor your assistant (who was assaulted by one of the offenders) wanted to make a formal complaint so the offenders were not charged in relation to their actions at the shop, hence no statements from you or your family were required. The offenders were apparently charged with disorderly conduct in relation to their dealings with the police officers that night.”

Finally, just two days ago a lone police officer came to Mustafa’s shop to talk with him about what was happening. The police officer should have come with another officer as a witness – that he came alone is part proof of a cover up. No one else wanted to be involved.

Mustafa has recorded every single interaction with police. I have copies and Mustafa will be publishing them himself. They are DAMNING! Police will have to be sacked over this.

The police officer who spoke with Mustafa was obviously nervous and he knew he was eing recorded. He said over and over, “Remember Mustafa, you said you were happy they were not to be charged. You said you were happy.” THIS IS AN OUTRIGHT LIE.

The officer went on to say, “Remember Mustafa, you were out screaming on the street. You were fighting with him. You were arguing.” This is meant to insinuate that Mustafa got into a simple fight. No such thing happened – Mustafa was minding his own business in his own shop and he was viciously bullied and threatened with death in front of his kids by common racist thugs.

Northam police are known as being very racist. Many strange things go on it that town – Un-investigated murders; Rumours of drugs being brought into the airport there and run into Perth by police; ‘Wheatbelt’ Detectives being caught dealing large quantities of drugs but going un-reported in the press.

Mustafa is facing harassment from multiple government departments – Centrelink, Homes West, Town Council. Who is co-ordinating all of this?

There are many Jews in Northam. Polish Jews who settled there after WW2. A Christian sect known as The Exclusive Bretheren own most of the businesses in town. They are renown for their wild and whacky behaviors.

Let us remember that Brendon O’Connell served three years in jail for “hurting the feelings” of Perth jews. The video below lays out exactly what the charges were. You will faint if you are unaware of the O’Connell case.


So, the above was worthy of three years jail but police refuse to even investigate nor charge a viscous racist thug who threatens to kill a man because he is a “Muslim” – in front of his children – quite deliberately, and multiple times? This should indicate to you just how bad Western Australia is.

The video below goes into some of the corruption here in W.A. The video has caused a storm in Perth. Multiple attempts have been made to take it down via copyright violation –

We have contacted the ‘The Islamic Council of Western Australia’. They have invited Mustafa to write to them and ask for an audience with them – that’s assuming he isn’t dead. One might ask the response of the Jewish Community if one of their own had gone through this? Immediately, a group would have been dispatched to the town to ensure the safety of their fellow Jew and police would have faced a tidal wave of pressure from every corner of the globe. What was the response of the local Islamic Community of Perth? “What do you want us to do?” If that’s all the response they can muster – then maybe Jewish Power has been sent by Allah to show how weak the Muslim leaders are? Pathetic. Absolutely pathetic.

Mustafa will be taking all of his recordings to the ‘Corruption And Crime Comission’. They are usually quite useless and a complete laughing stock. However, recent changes have meant they are now doing their job. This has the Western Australian police so worried they had to go and dig some dirt up on CCC investigators with regards expense accounts and now the two organizations are wrestling over the matter – one trying to get one up on the other. No doubt the W.A police will get what they want – enough dirt on the CCC so that they can negotiate to NOT be investigated at all – for ANYTHING – which was the previous norm.

Also consider that Brendon O’Connell is currently on charges of “Threat To Kill”. In response to a three week old “threat”, sent to the Minister of Corrective Services. Members of the State Security Investigation Group (Counter Terrorism) did this –

Here are the facts – I threaten to kill a senior prison officer from Casuarina prison if the Minister for Corrective Services does not investigate him for organizing to have me bashed in jail. 2 hours later I am rung by the Miniser himself who is dedicated to clearing out the whole sale corruption within the WA prison system. Joe Francis promises me he will look into my case personally. We talk for 32 minutes. I tell him I will take the blog post of the email down. He appears indifferent about it so I leave it up – its a matter of the public record now anyway.

I talk to the Minister again a few days later.

I had previously sent the email and blog post to 88 state members of parliament.

When I refused to attend a meeting due to a lack of faith in the process – I am raided and ALL of my computers, video camera’s, hard drives and other materials taken. I am hand cuffed. The police have no warrant. They claim they don’t need one because of the “imminent threat to person or property”. Only one problem with that – the threat was made three weeks before and I had spoken to the Minister twice and had sent the threat to 88 State members of parliament…the police are VERY slow here if that’s an “immanent threat to person or property”. What really happened is no JP or Magistrate wanted to be involved in the bullshit.

I am due in court on November the 20th 2014 at 9:15 am at the Perths Magistrates Court. The man who threatened Mustafa with death at his place of business; in front of his children; will not be attending court and nor will he be charged with “threats to kill” like me.

If you think this is a unique event it is not. In March of 2010, four members of a violent and racist neo-nazi terrorist group shot 3 rounds from a high powered rifle into the Turkish Mosque in the suburb of Queens Park in Perth, Western Australia.

A 24-year old man was simply drunk and not motivated by a hatred of Muslims when he shot up a Queens Park mosque in February this year, his lawyer told Perth Magistrate’s Court this morning.

So, it seems if you want to kill a Muslim and maybe get 5 years – just say you were drunk!

The pair, a 25-year-old Greenmount man and a 24-year-old High Wycombe man, are allegedly part of the extreme nationalist group Combat 18 (C18).
They have been charged with one count each of causing criminal damage, discharging a firearm across a road and possessing an unlicensed firearm.
After Tuesday’s arrests, Inspector Rob Anderson police said believed they had effectively disbanded Perth’s C18 chapter.
“Two of those offenders we will allege are members of C18, an organisation specialising in hate crime and neo-Nazi affiliated,” Insp Anderson said.

So, they are an admitted “hate crime” race hate group – who shoot high powered rifles at holy places – but get a suspended sentence while I got 3 years jail for “hurting jewish feelings”?

How is this red neck racist pig state getting away with this? I’ll tell you why – Muslims here are scared, weak and do not look after each other. God is watching.

Both Mustafa and I are worried about the Perth Islamic Communities weak response to repeated attacks on their faith and physical safety. So much so we have decided to form our own group – “The Federation Of United Muslims”

I have seen Mustafa speak as we have done the rounds of the Mosques. He is a dynamic and a great speaker.

This Blog posting will be sent to every local, national and international Muslim group around the world and hopefully we can get some support to put some back bone into the local Perth Muslim community.

Clearly there is one option to it all – convert to Orthodox Judaism. At least they look after each other.

I think we deserve everything we get.


  1. Could you please be so kind as to inform me as to what happened to Brendon OConnell, and the Mustafa Atieh family?

    Was the latter driven out of Australian?

    If my email is not visible, please post a message on my blog. Thanks!

    The murders that happened during Brendon’s incarceration were a likely blood ritual, according to the math, context, media and Masonic coverups. Outrageous, really, that ritual murders here too, almost monthly, under the guise of ‘terror attacks’ are executed and covered up!

    Attempts to alert, make contact with WA police, the Catholic priest, and media local to the travesty, have been all for naught; our emails are censored and may have been stopped by the Jewish supremacists in control of the US and western world.
    (WA Police were notified ONLINE and email.)

    Very disturbing and see my blog for proofs under the Perth Pom Exposed tab; just found a new inquest will be had and attempted to get them this mathematical evidence on inner/secret Judaism about which many Jews don’t know.
    (Brain Fingerprints can tell all!)

    PreRequisites to those with no understanding of cabala or numerology that I HOPE makes it clear: see “Menorah Pi” for details and my blog under Perth Poms for part III.

    Part I:
    Part II:

    Part III:

    (See Perth Poms exposed; also forwarded to WA police as terror attack!)

    For their psycho-pathology/psychology see also:
    1) SVALI testimony; remember Italians, and Greeks for that matter, are BLOOD JEWS, dating back to Etruscan take-over.

    2) “Occult BLOOD connection of Romans/Italians to Jews”;

    3) “Phoenician Linquistics/Phonetics: Occult connection Italian to Hebrew”

    4) BANNED Worldwide: Jewish testimony on Jews:
    (Downloads esp. 1-4 on cannibalism/torture, your ‘gods’.)

    Corroborative testimony to Vicki Polin:

    (See Gaza Ritual murder maths; freaking outrageous and ALL needs exposure!)

    Regards from the US,

    cc:,, WA police,
    : brent lucanus ,,,,,,,,:,,

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