Contrary To US Denials, Yes, The American ZOG Is Responsible For Yemeni Civilian Deaths

by Jonathan Azaziah

Don’t know whether to gut-laugh or vomit over this one. The United States says it isn’t responsible for civilian deaths in Yemen. Reminders are usually immensely rooted in tedium but in this instance, they are most certainly an imperative.

This is the same American regime that backed Ali Abdullah Saleh’s tyrannical regime for three decades, including his six brutal wars on Ansarullah and the people of northern Yemen. This is the same Washington ZOG that has been drone bombing Yemenis to death–originally conceived by top Jewish supremacist operator Joseph Lieberman–for the last six years. This is the same filthy Zionist-Imperialist brigade centered in that White House of Death whose ambassador, Zionist hellspawn Gerald M. Feierstein, ran Yemen like a dictator and advocated partitioning Yemen under the Oded Yinon guidelines before ushering in the Saudi-Emirati-backed rule of puppet Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. And yes, this is the same Empire of Mass Murder that has given unlimited support to the House of Saud in its current aggression against Yemen.

The bombs Al-Saud drops on Yemeni babies are American; the warplanes from which the missiles Al-Saud fires at Yemen’s infrastructures and people are American; the bullets Al-Saud shoots into Yemeni men defending their country are American; the logistics and intelligence utilized by Al-Saud to murder Yemeni women and elderlies from above are American; the covert operations and suicide bombings planned in conjunction with ISIS and Al-Qaeda are done so by the American CIA; many of the mercenary occupiers Al-Saud hired from Blackwater (Xe; Academi) and Dyncorp are American; Al-Saud’s machines of malevolence are refueled by America and America is even carrying out air strikes on Yemenis when Al-Saud’s fat, cowardly, putrid and demented army is too worn out to do it themselves.

And don’t trip for a second, everything said here about the American regime is equally true if not more so for the usurping Zionist entity, designer and beneficiary number one of the aggression against Yemen, as well as the UK, France, Canada, Germany, the Neo-Ottomans in Turkey and every other state that has signed on to this universal war against our beautiful Yemeni brothers and sisters, Earth’s Most Heroic. Yes, you despicable, Judaized, gutless, pusillanimous pieces of cockroach excrement, you are responsible for the civilian deaths in Yemen, the decimation of Yemen, the starvation, thirst and malnourishment of Yemen, and all of Yemen’s suffering. And because of this, when it’s all over, the Ansarullah-led Yemeni Resistance’s historical victory will be a victory over YOU, the American ZOG aka Shaytan al-Akbar, before it is a triumph over Al-Saud… ‘Cause we all know that debauched gang of Wahhabi illiterates ain’t nothing but your mere tools and personal gas pumpers anyway. #DownWithTheAmericanZOG #LongLiveYemen #DeathToSaud

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