Condemnations Of Saudi Crimes In Yemen Are Hollow Without Full Support For Ansarullah

by Jonathan Azaziah

It isn’t enough just to condemn Al-Saud’s latest slaughterous raids on a food factory in Sanaa, homes in Hajjah, a gas station in Ibb, apartment buildings in Saada and the airport of Ta’iz, horrific crimes against humanity that left at least 30 Yemeni civilians dead and dozens of other innocents badly wounded. It isn’t enough to correctly point out the two-faced nature of certain world actors and ask “where is the UN?!”, or “where is the OIC?!”, or “where are the ‘human rights’ campaigners and ‘Palestine Solidarity Movement’ activists?!” It isn’t even enough to express your rage in the most proper manner and scream “Death to Saud!”

Know why? Because there is a Resistance in Yemen. And the name of that Resistance, that YEMENI ISLAMIC RESISTANCE, is Ansarullah. These steadfast, courageous, Husseini-Zaydi heroes have been defending the Yemeni people against the savage, US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed invasion of Al-Saud since day one and have never, EVER let a single drop of Yemeni blood get spilled without unleashing righteous retribution on the coalition of tyrants for its aggressions. From the recent barbarity in the Ta’iz village of Sarari to the wedding massacres in Sanban and Wahijah, the monstrous helicopter attacks on Bani Zeila in Hajjah to the annihilation of an entire family in the Aden village of Tahrour and so many more, Ansarullah always makes the Saudi occupiers pay. ALWAYS! So if you are not standing in full solidarity with the Yemeni Islamic Resistance, whether it’s because they chant “Curse Be On The Jews!”, or because they’ve routed Al-Islah (the Yemeni “Muslim” Brotherhood), or because Sorosite HRW and Amnesty told you lies that they’re “repressive”, or any other crock of balderdash, then save your condemnations and your crocodile tears, as all of it is no more genuine than Riyadh’s claim that it wants “peace”.

The Yemeni people ain’t dainty little flowers. They’re lions. And when they roar, every illegitimate GCC throne shakes. The Zionist enemy and all the Western ZOGs quiver. Crying is not what’s required. Declarations of “Yemen’s cause is our cause!” are. Like Hizbullah safeguarding Lebanon and the Palestinian Mouqawamah defending Gaza against the Zionist tumor, and like the Syrian Arab Army protecting its nation from the Takfiri scourge, Ansarullah is to be supported unconditionally and then some in the battle against Dönmeh Al-Saud. Anyone who provides such support is a true friend of Yemen. Anyone who doesn’t is a filth-ridden hypocrite who deserves nothing but disdain, a middle finger and probably a slap in the face too.

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