Classical Mouqawamah Music? Ukrainian Pianist Gets Show Cancelled for ‘Offensive’ Tweets

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Hat tip to Mouqawamah Music co-founder and Jazz guitarist extraordinaire Trevor LaBonte for bringing this remarkable story to my attention. There are several degrees of horrifying Jewish Orwellianism at work here. The first and most glaringly obvious point to be made is that if Valentina Lisitsa was tweeting against Russian President Vladimir Putin and singing the praises of the Kiev coup regime, she would undoubtedly be lionized by the Jewish Mainstream Media’s echo chamber until her name was ringing in the globe’s four corners. Secondly, if Lisitsa’s performance was to be cancelled in the wake of the aforementioned hypothetical Russophobic tweets, the Jewish Mainstream Media would subsequently go on a rampage about Vladimir Putin’s “octopus-like” influence reaching Western shores and the necessity of measures being taken immediately to stop him by any means possible; more sanctions would be placed on Moscow and more arms would flow to the Maidan putsch gang. Lisitsa for her part would be portrayed as a “free speech martyr” on the front lines of the growing information war between the “democratic” West and a “resurgent, recalcitrant, expansionist Russia”. And the last, but certainly not least important question to ask, is, why is there such an outrage over this ultra-talented Ukrainian pianist bashing Neo-Nazi thugs targeting ethnic Russians and Russian-speaking Ukrainians in the Donbass? It is not a matter of debate that the “Nazi Germany was evil incarnate” line routinely churned out by the Zionist media, Hollywood and other like-similar organs is the very crux of the Jewish New World Order. Any leader that has ever fallen out of favor with International Jewry or outright righteously resisted it gets branded with the “Hitler” tag and their nation is painted with the “yet another Nazi Germany has risen” brush, from Stalin to Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the late Hugo Chavez to Dr. Ahmadinejad and Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei in Iran. So again, when the aim of World Zionism is to keep the imaginary threat of “Nazism” at the forefront of public consciousness, why did the Canadian wing of the Jewish Power Configuration go after this musician for ostensibly doing a whole ‘lotta “Nazi” bashing? The answer is as simple as it is deep and introspective. Valentina Lisitsa was targeted primarily because the Neo-Nazi forces being combated by the Novorossiya Resistance — which, for the record, has had no problem pointing out the unspoken but widely-known secret of the Kiev coup regime’s Jewishness — are quite literally the shock troops of the Jewish oligarchs running the show in Kiev. Neo-Nazism is a warped, Judeocentric caricature of the Liberationist-Japan-aligned German National Socialism that, all its faults taken into consideration, bravely resisted the quadripartite assault of the Rothschilds, America, Britain and the Jewish-controlled Soviet Union during WW2. For decades, the Mossad, CIA, FBI and other intelligence arms of Zio-Imperialism have used Neo-Nazis to achieve geopolitical objectives across multiple continents on the one hand, and to keep the planet’s population utterly confused about what National Socialism actually was on the other. Bottom line is that Lisitsa crossed the line that no Gentile, let alone brilliant Gentile musicians and artists, can ever cross: Bashing the schemes of the Jews and the puppets of the Jews in public. We are to be quiet and accept our enslavement; if we are hired to entertain, we shall do just that and never offer our opinions on things that matter; we are not to delve into historical matters that the globe holders have long wanted dead and buried, only to be utilized for their own cynical aim of maintaining their political and financial hegemony; we are not to stand with the men and women resisting this Judaic-Shaytanic Empire in conflict zones worldwide — be they in Eastern Ukraine, Syria, Yemen, occupied Palestine, occupied Kashmir, Iraq or elsewhere — we should merely watch them burn in the fires exacerbated by what the Jewish and Shabbos Goy ‘elite’ have deemed their own futile rejectionism; we are to be quiet and accept our enslavement, forever enduring a globally erected caste system far more perverted than what the Hindutvadi regime currently runs in India, where “The Chosen” live as kings and we “Goyim” live as their servants. Thank you sister Valentina Lisitsa for resisting this madness. Thank you sister Valentina Lisitsa for refusing to be silent. Keep playing those keys as beautifully as you do and long live the struggle of Novorossiya! Who knew that the music of mouqawamah, already firmly entrenched in Hip-Hop and Jazz, had a classical charter as well. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

by Felicity Capon, Newseek

The Toronto Symphony Orchestra (TSO) has been plunged into controversy this week after it emerged on Monday that it had dropped one of its star performers because of her controversial tweets about the conflict in Ukraine.

The orchestra cancelled three performances of Rachmaninoff’s Second Piano Concerto this week which were to feature the Ukrainian-born pianist Valentina Lisitsa, citing “ongoing accusations of deeply offensive language by Ukrainian media outlets”.

Speaking to the New York Times by phone, TSO President & CEO Jeff Melanson’s explained that his staff had asked Valentina Lisitsa to explain dozens of “inflammatory tweets”.

Lisitsa has frequently turned to Twitter to express her support of those fighting against Kiev forces in Ukraine. She has posted more than 13,000 tweets to over 9,000 followers, under the alias NedoUkraïnka, which means “sub-Ukrainian”. In one tweet, Lisitsa mockingly compares Ukrainians dressed in national dress to African tribesmen. Another refers to Ukrainians as “Ukro-Nazis”.

Lisitsa responded angrily to TSO’s decision, writing on her Facebook page in a 1,000-word post on Monday: “Yes, Toronto Symphony is going TO PAY ME NOT TO PLAY because I exercised the right to free speech. Yes, they will pay my fee but they are going to announce that I will be unable to play and they already found a substitute. And they even threatened me against saying anything about the cause of the cancellation. Seriously.”

In a statement, Melanson responded, stating: “Due to ongoing accusations of deeply offensive language by Ukrainian media outlets, we have decided to replace Valentina Lisitsa in our April 8 and 9 performances of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No. 2.

“Valentina Lisitsa’s provocative comments have overshadowed past performances,” the statement continues. “As one of Canada’s most important cultural institutions, our priority must remain on being a stage for the world’s great works of music, and not for opinions that some believe to be deeply offensive.”

The Canadian pianist Stewart Goodyear was asked on Tuesday to step in to replace Lisitsa, but he backed out just hours later, complaining of the “social media frenzy” surrounding this week’s controversy. “Words of bile and hatred were hurled in my direction,” he wrote on his Facebook page.

“Suddenly I was accused of supporting censorship, and bullied into declining this engagement. What started out as one of the happiest moments of my life turned into a shattering display of mob hysteria,” he said.

The orchestra decided to go ahead with the programme’s other item, Mahler’s Fifth Symphony, last night, although ticket-holders were offered refunds if they chose not to attend. Local media reported that the concert hall was only half full, and a few chose to protest TSO’s decision outside the venue.

“She’s an artist. How can art live without freedom?” one protester reportedly asked.

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  1. There they go again.
    I guess they don’t realize that every time they do this, more people get angered by it.
    This is the “diaspora-jew” in its death-throes…

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