Cholera Crisis In Yemen Is A Deliberate Act Of Biological Warfare By Barbaric, Zionist Saudi Arabia

by Jonathan Azaziah

Yemen has been invaded. Bombed. Besieged. Starved. And now we can add INFECTED to the list. The cholera crisis is deepening within the Yemeni nation as at least 180 innocent souls have died from the disease since April 27th, including 115 in Sanaa, and there are 11,000 more Yemenis who are suffering from cholera across the country. According to reports from the UN–which can go straight to the deepest, darkest, hottest pits of Jahannam for its complicity in the aggression as it is elected the Saudi butchers to its “Human Rights” Council and has implemented an arms embargo against the Yemeni Islamic Resistance which is defending Yemen’s people from the invaders–more than 2/3 of Yemenis don’t have access to clean drinking water. What the filthy, corrupt and collaborationist UN–which played a role in the horrible outbreak of cholera in Haiti too–fails to disclose is that the reason for this is because the murderous marauders of the Saudi-led coalition have bombed all the springs, wells and water bottling plants, not to mention sanitation facilities as well.

But there is something even more sinister at work. Numerous Yemenis on social media and on the ground are crying out that Al-Saud’s warplanes are spraying CHEM TRAILS across Yemen. In other words: open biological warfare. And furthermore, what this solidifies is that the spread of cholera isn’t in fact an “unintended consequence” of Saudi Arabia’s cruel and slaughterous bombing campaign but a deliberate, calculated act of genocide. There is also talk of well-poisoning and considering the deep-rooted alliance between the usurping Zionist tumor, whose supremacist settlers routinely poison Palestinian wells, and Saudi Arabia, this shouldn’t come as a surprise either. Additionally, moujahideen from Ansarullah have said from day one of the Saudi despots’ criminal invasion that chemical munitions have been used against the Yemeni people and it is these atrocities that have led to so many deformities in Yemeni newborns–like Iraqis and Afghanis before them.

“The Ummah” was silent and despicably, in many cases, cheerful when Al-Saud initially attacked Yemen. This silence has been steadily maintained for the last two-plus years even as the Yemeni martyr count surpasses 15,000. And now, as Yemenis are being chemically exterminated in a systematic fashion by the US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed Saudi interlopers, the voices from the aforesaid “Ummah” remain nonexistent. On Judgement Day, there will be no greater punishment than for those who idly stood by as Yemen was annihilated for its refusal to submit to World Zionism. So don’t be like these hypocrites. Raise your voice, raise awareness and raise eyebrows with your militant commitment to telling the truth no matter who it happens to offend, especially as the cholera crisis worsens. Our beautiful and brave brethren in Yemen, the vanguards of civilization, culture and history in the Arab-Islamic world, need all the help that they can get.

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