Choke On It Zionists: Palestinian Hunger Strikers Achieve Victory On The First Day Of Ramadan!

by Jonathan Azaziah

Long live Palestine! The first triumph of Ramadan is here! Allahu Akbar! Alf mabrouk to the 1,500+ Palestinian prisoners who have suspended their Freedom and Dignity Hunger Strike on Day 41, and on the first day of Islam’s Holiest Month no less, breaking the will of their ‘Israeli’ torturers and getting them to acquiesce to their righteous demands! After refusing to meet with hunger strike leader Marwan Barghouti, the usurping Zionist Jews finally succumbed to the resistance of Palestine’s oppressed and began negotiations with him which are said to have lasted 20 hours. Increased pressure was put on the Jewish supremacist regime when many of the Palestinian hunger strikers vowed to fast for Ramadan, a move that certainly would have taken them to the edge of martyrdom and unleashed a wave of rage against the Halakhic-Talmudic colonizers. Falasteen’s bravest sons were demanding of their captors that the right to pursue higher education be allowed, appropriate medical care and treatment be implemented, solitary confinement and administrative detention be ended and two family visitation sessions per month be reinstated. At least the latter demand has been honored and negotiations are continuing for the others. ‘Israel’ is a notorious agreement-breaker however and nobody knows this more intimately or painfully than the Palestinian Empty Stomach Moujahideen themselves. Because of this, they have vowed that if their more-than-humble demands aren’t met this time around, the next hunger strike will not halt for anything less than freedom or martyrdom. So heed the warning o’ terrorist occupiers!

This is but one small step towards the liberation of all of Palestine’s 7,000+ political prisoners, including hundreds who are detained without any charge whatsoever. Break out of the cells and tear down the hellish jails first. Next, move onward with freeing every single inch of Palestine and removing every single trace of the cancerous Zionist presence. The French collapsed and fled from Algeria. The Dutch collapsed and fled from Indonesia. The Jews’ satanic project in Palestine will collapse and they too will flee. It is the simple, inevitable cycle of justice prevailing over injustice. Of that, we are as sure as the Palestinian Cast Iron Stomach Warriors are strong. #Ta7yaFalasteen #LiberatePalestineFromTheRiverToTheSea #DeathToIsrael #RamadanMubarakPalestine

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