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Iranian Navy Test-Fires New Home-Made Torpedo

TEHRAN (FNA) – Iran’s Navy Commander Rear Admiral Habibollah Sayyari announced that his force has test-fired a newly-developed home-made torpedo successfully.

“The torpedo can be fired by submarines, vessels and air defense systems,” Sayyari said in a press conference in Tehran on Saturday.

Sayyari further stated that the torpedo will be used in action in upcoming navy drills in coming months.

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2 Israelis stabbed in fight with Palestinians in East Jerusalem

JERUSALEM (Ma’an) — Two Israeli Jews were attacked and lightly injured Friday evening in East Jerusalem after “provoking” local residents in the Palestinian neighborhood of al-Tur, witnesses said.

Witnesses said that three Israeli settlers were driving in their car in al-Tur, near the Mount of Olives, before suddenly stopping, exiting the car, and “provoking” residents.

Clashes then erupted between them and local residents in which two of the three Israelis were stabbed, before they fled in their car. Continue reading 2 Israelis stabbed in fight with Palestinians in East Jerusalem

Israeli military post in central Al-Khalil attacked, destroyed

Al-Khalil (Ma’an) — Israeli military authorities in the southern West Bank city of Al-Khalil closed a major checkpoint in the city center after it was targeted and burnt by assailants.

Israeli authorities said that the military post was set alight by two Palestinian youths despite the fact that it had been surrounded by cement blocks in order to protect it against Molotov cocktails and broken bottles.

Emad al-Atrash, a spokesman for the local activist group Coalition of Human Rights Defenders, said that this was the second time locals had burned down the checkpoint, which prevents Palestinians from accessing their homes and shops on Shuhada Street in order to “secure” the area for Jewish settlers. Continue reading Israeli military post in central Al-Khalil attacked, destroyed

A New Zionist Plot Against Gaza: ISIS in Sinai poses threat to Hamas

(EDITOR’S NOTE: No doubt that it is a well-known fact that the usurping Zionist regime has been actively plotting to recapture the Sinai ever since it dismantled the criminal Jewish settlement of Yamit decades ago. To  facilitate its reentry into the strategic Egyptian territory, the illegitimate Talmudic entity has been engaged in a full-blown intelligence war against Egypt for the last several years. But due to the extreme pro-“Israel” nature of the Sisi regime, which gave its approval to the genocidal assault on Gaza over the summer, questions have lingered as to why the Jewish gangster “state” has continued supporting Takfiri proxies ostensibly against its ostensible ally. Looks like the answer may have finally arrived. The Takfiris of Sinai, who have now pledged allegiance to Zionist tool and ISIS chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, have announced their intention to stop weapons from coming into illegally besieged Gaza — the same weapons being smuggled by Iran, Syria and Hizbullah to their brothers in the Palestinian Resistance — and there are fears growing in numerous circles of Hamas that the ISIS expansion into the Strip is a very credible, very imminent threat. We recall the brief war in Rafah, the southernmost point of Gaza, between Hamas and the Takfiri group Jund Ansar Allah, which resulted in the latter’s defeat and dozens dead. A similar and more catastrophic battle could most certainly take place now considering that the IOF assassinated Mohammed Abu Shamaleh, Mohammed Barhoum and Raed al-Attar during Operation Protective Edge, as these three men were known for their anti-Takfirism and for their coordination of the uprooting of Jund Ansar Allah and like-similar Wahhabi-Takfiri terrorist groups. This horrific development, coupled with the new geopolitical clout of the Takfiris and the seemingly lackadaisical response to the growing ISIS problem from the political leadership of Hamas, which clearly does not want to offend its allies in Turkey and Qatar whom are still bankrolling Takfiri terrorists, including ISIS, in Iraq and Syria, is, for all intents and purposes, a recipe for a nightmare scenario. The calculations of “Tel Aviv” are quite simple: Due to its failure to strike the leadership of Hamas, Islamic Jihad, the PFLP and other Resistance factions overtly in Cast Lead, Pillar of Cloud or Mighty Cliff, it is now resorting to the same covert unconventional military strategy which it has implemented in Syria as a way of weakening the Syrian Arab Army and Hizbullah. Therefore, there is only the *appearance* of a Zionist-Takfiri war on what some foolish commentators have had the gall to refer to as the “Arab nationalist” Egyptian military, an insult to martyred Egyptian giant Gamal Abdel Nasser if there ever was one; the real target of the Mossad-ISIS activity in the Sinai is Hamas and the other factions of the Falasteeni Mouqawamah. While we have faith in the Qassam Brigades to contain and ultimately overwhelm then bury the Zionist-designed ISIS threat, they need a free hand to do so, and if the Hamas political heads, particularly the treacherous, Doha-based Khaled Meshaal, don’t stop making token statements and start taking concrete action, then Zion’s barbarians will be inside the gates and the Palestinian refugees of the besieged Strip will be set for another round of bloodshed. Moreover, IGGIS, “Israel’s” Goy Golem in Iraq and Syria, will need another “G”, thus transforming it into IGGGIS, “Israel’s” Goy Golem in Gaza, Iraq and Syria. May ALLAH (SWT) prevent such darkness from unfolding and strengthen the resolve of the Palestinian Resistance. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading A New Zionist Plot Against Gaza: ISIS in Sinai poses threat to Hamas

Link Between Israel and World Jewry Exposed: Victims of synagogue attack include rabbi from ‘family of princes’

(EDITOR’S NOTE: There is a meme vomited incessantly within solidarity discourse that there is no link between World Jewry and the illegitimate “Israeli” regime and due to this, any mentioning of a transnational Jewish conspiracy is “anti-Semitic” as well as baseless. While there quite literally exists an overflow of information which counters this close-minded tomfoolery, the recent Resistance operation in Al-Quds which sent several infamous supremacist rabbis on a first-class trip to the fires of Jahannam quite possibly serves as the finest refutation of this puny solidarity theory, which, as usual, is meant to placate Jews who “support” the Palestinian cause and honor their sensitivities. The piece below documents the rich rabbinical history of Rabbi Mosheh Twersky, particularly his connections to Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik — a modern day Maimonides whose relentless, horrifying anti-Gentile writings are dissected at length in Judaism Discovered —  but what it does not discuss, in typically deceptive Zionist Washington Post fashion, is the Twersky rabbinical dynasty’s political intrigues which are directly related to the genocidal destruction of Iraq. The Twersky rabbinical royal family, which wields massive influence from the United States to Britain, Canada to Belgium, New Jersey to the Jewish colony of Bnei Brak, the Orthodox Jewish capital of the Zionist entity, leads a powerful Hasidic sect known as the Skvere, and in 2004, the Skvere rabbis, in alliance with the equally powerful and hateful Chabad Hasidic sect, threw their weight behind George Bush’s reelection, giving the puppet of the Jewish neocon cabal pivotal support in New York. When asked why he was backing Bush, the vanquished colonizer Mosheh Twersky’s kin told the media in Hebrew that Bush was good for the Jews. Why? Because the Bush regime destroyed Iraq. With this noted, we must salute the courageous actions of PFLP martyrs Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal once more, as they did not just take revenge for Palestine with their Resistance operation, they took revenge for Iraq as well, masha’ALLAH, and in doing so, they exposed the undeniable familial, tribalist connection between the usurping Zionist entity and World Jewry for all the world to see. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Link Between Israel and World Jewry Exposed: Victims of synagogue attack include rabbi from ‘family of princes’

Israel issues demolition order for home of synagogue attackers

(EDITOR’S NOTE: As the genocidal Jewish gangster regime continues its war on the very existence of the Palestinian people, notice that the leftists, liberals, Marxists, socialists, communists, anarchists and other like-minded “activists” and “revolutionaries” who have been waxing lyrical about the heroism and steadfastness of Kurdish female fighters in the northern Syrian town of Kobani, known also as ‘Ayn al-Arab — the same Kurdish female fighters mind you that have been joined by “Israeli” criminals, casting extreme doubt on the genuineness of their “struggle” against ISIS and raising questions about what is *really* going on in that particular territory — have either gone utterly silent about the heroic Resistance operation carried out by PFLP martyrs Uday and Ghassan Abu Jamal in occupied Al-Quds two days ago, or condemned it in the harshest possible terms as an act of unacceptable barbarity. Not only does this represent the encapsulation of why “The Left” is nothing but the regurgitator of the enemy’s discourse, as it cannot and will not ever catch itself praising the Palestinian Resistance so not to offend Jews and Jewish sensitivities, but this also exposes the deep-rooted Orientalism rotting the core of “The Left”, as it views the besieged, ethnically cleansed, usurped Palestinian people wielding meat cleavers against their supremacist colonizers  as “savage”, whereas the disintegration of Palestinian grandmothers and decapitation of Palestinian babies in Gaza by bombs from “Israeli” F-16s or IOF’s maiming and disfiguring of Palestinian teenagers in the West Bank and Al-Quds with various kinds of bullets display what? Some kind of military modernity? The sophistication of a warring “state”? Well, we hate to disillusion you scoundrels, but “Israel” is not a state, it is not sovereign and it does not have a “society”; “Israel” is a cancer, a colonizing collective of Jewish supremacist psychopaths and a base for the criminal operations of World Jewry. The very existence of this entity defiles humanity and is illegitimate and thus, every action it engages in merely increases its illegitimacy. Allow us to clarify what the position of Mouqawamah Music is when it comes to those who would assail the Palestinian Resistance while defending “Israel” and its continuing putrefaction of the Arab-Islamic world: Goddamn these disgusting, two-faced cowards; Goddamn them straight to Al-Nar. You either stand with the oppressed or stand with the oppressor, and due to the Palestinian people being actively disarmed of “atypical” weaponry by the collaborationist regime of Mahmoud Abbas, they must therefore resort to whatever the hell is at their disposal — whether it’s a knife, an axe, a stone, their fists or a damn kitchen sink — to fight against the militarized, occupying Zionist Jews who have stolen every inch of the Holy Land. Every last Zionist is an illegal squatter and wherever as well as however Palestinians choose to resist them is entirely their business. Anyone who says otherwise isn’t just a phony ally of the Palestinian cause but an agent — witting or unwitting — of the murderous, usurping Jewish entity. ~ Jonathan Azaziah) Continue reading Israel issues demolition order for home of synagogue attackers

PFLP: Israelis will not be safe before Palestinians

GAZA CITY (Ma’an) — The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on Thursday officially mourned two of its members Ghassan and Udayy Abu Jamal who were killed Tuesday after carrying out an attack on an Israeli synagogue, saying that the attack shows that Israelis will not be safe until Palestinians are.

In a statement released by the leftist militant group, Khalil Maqdesi, a member of the central committee, called the attack “a natural response to the ongoing racist policies and crimes of the occupation, and it is the occupation that is responsible for the escalation in Jerusalem and throughout Palestine.”

“The PFLP will continue to target every institution of the occupation. No place in Jerusalem should be safe so long as the Palestinian people are not safe. ‘Security’ cannot be built on the backs of the Palestinian people. The only result of the occupation attacks on Jerusalem will be continued and escalating resistance among the Palestinian masses.” Continue reading PFLP: Israelis will not be safe before Palestinians

Reconstruction of major industrial zone gives hope to Syrian businessmen

Once touted to become the biggest industrial zone in the Middle East, Sheikh Najjar near the ravaged Syrian city of Aleppo is now simply hoping for a second chance.

Most of its buildings have been reduced to carcasses – destroyed, burned and pillaged in the past two years of fighting in Syria’s former industrial powerhouse.

But with the government’s recapture of the area, Aleppo’s businessmen are taking their first steps to return and restore the once-bustling zone.

“The soldiers retook the industrial zone on July 7 and when we entered a week later, we saw the devastation. Some buildings had simply disappeared,” said 55-year-old Mohammed Handie, the zone’s director-general.

“Despite everything, we remain optimistic, because in the weeks that followed my arrival, I received many requests to return, rebuild, and refurbish machines. It was very encouraging,” he added. Continue reading Reconstruction of major industrial zone gives hope to Syrian businessmen

Iraq renews opposition to deployment of foreign troops as army makes progress against ISIS

As talk in the US about the possibility of sending ground troops to Iraq increases, Baghdad has reiterated its opposition to the deployment of any ground forces from countries of the international coalition to take part in fighting against the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). This as the Iraqi Defense Ministry announced the start of a comprehensive strategy to retrain the Iraqi army. The announcement coincided with Iraqi forces seizing control of the Baiji oil refinery.

Iraqi defense minister, Khaled al-Obeidi, said: “The Iraqi government will not allow ground coalition forces to enter Iraq in order to participate in the war on terrorism.” Continue reading Iraq renews opposition to deployment of foreign troops as army makes progress against ISIS

Syrian Arab Army Kills Scores of Terrorists in Qalamoun, Aleppo

The Syrian army repelled a major terrorist attack in Aleppo southern countryside, killing, injuring and capturing scores of militants.

The Syrian warplanes also targeted the terrorists’ gatherings in Qalamoun.

The Syrian army had earlier targeted Takfiri militants in Qalamoun barrens inflicting heavy losses on the terrorists.

Huge number of militants were killed, field sources told al-Manar, adding that several insurgents were identified as Mohammad Said al-Buraqi, Said al-Qadi, Yusuf Shlash, Saleh Bakr, Sateh al-Buraqi. Continue reading Syrian Arab Army Kills Scores of Terrorists in Qalamoun, Aleppo