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US to train Syria rebels for political, not military solution: US official

(EDITOR’S NOTE: The importance of Allen’s words here cannot be overstated enough. It is a very, very, VERY thinly veiled admission of the Empire’s complete and utter failure to dislodge the Syrian Arab Republic’s democratically elected government. It is an admission that despite all of the money, weapons, logistics and unlimited political support that the West, its Zionist overlords, the Gulf regimes and demented neo-Ottoman caliph-wannabe Erdogan have been providing the Takfiri rebels over the past three and a half years, it simply hasn’t worked and cannot work. With the neocons and their liberal interventionist allies at the helm, it would obviously be naive and foolish to scream victory or declare that the nightmare plaguing Bilad al-Sham is over, but what can be noted with confidence is that we are REACHING that point. Zio-Imperialism played its hand and Zio-Imperialism lost, thanks to the steadfastness the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah and the NDF, along with the committed support of Iran, Russia and China. And it’s now only a matter of time before the monsters call it a day as they can’t continue to cover up their humiliation forever.  ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

The United States does not expect Syrian rebels it plans to train to fight Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) militants to also take on Syrian Arab Army forces, but sees them as a crucial part of a political solution to end the war, a senior US official said.

The US, which is leading an international coalition bombing ISIS in Syria, has said it wants to train and equip so-called “moderate” rebels to fight the militant group which has seized tracts of land in Syria and neighboring Iraq. Continue reading US to train Syria rebels for political, not military solution: US official

Gazans criticize Egypt for closing Rafah border crossing

The Egyptian government has closed the Rafah border crossing with the impoverished Gaza Strip amid the Palestinian people’s growing discontent with the move, Press TV reports.

Cairo shut the vital crossing following two terrorist attacks in Egypt’s restive Sinai Peninsula that left at least 33 Egyptian security personnel dead on October 24. Egyptian authorities also declared a state of emergency in the north and center of Sinai for three months.

Expressing sympathy with the bereaved families of the Egyptian victims, Gaza residents accused the Israeli regime of having a hand in the Sinai assaults in a bid to destabilize Egypt and tighten the inhumane blockade on the Palestinian territory. Continue reading Gazans criticize Egypt for closing Rafah border crossing

Bomb attack in Yemen kills 20 Houthi fighters: Sources

A bomb attack has killed 20 Shia Muslims in the al-Menassah district in central Yemen, including a prominent Shia leader who had just joined Houthi Ansarullah revolutionary fighters, tribal sources say.

According to the sources, an assailant attacked a group of Ansarullah fighters in Menassah in al-Baydah Province, late on Sunday.

“The suicide bomber drove a car, attacking a group of Houthis in the al-Manassah district and killed 20 of them,” media outlets quoted a tribal leader.

Meanwhile, another tribal leader in Yemen, who spoke on condition of anonymity, noted that a key Shia leader who had just joined the Ansarullah fighters was slain. Continue reading Bomb attack in Yemen kills 20 Houthi fighters: Sources

Over a dozen Yemeni people killed in US drone strike

The US has carried out another drone strike in Yemen’s southern province of al-Bayda, killing at least a dozen people in the attack.

According to reports on Sunday, the US drone attack took place in the city of Rada’a, where Houthi fighters are battling al-Qaeda-linked militants.

Yemen’s city of Rada’a has been the scene of fierce clashes as Houthi fighters push to drive out al-Qaeda-linked militants from the region. Continue reading Over a dozen Yemeni people killed in US drone strike

Rousseff reelected president of Brazil

(EDITOR’S NOTE: This a huge victory for the Global South and the overall worldwide resistance against Zio-Imperialism. The CIA and ubiquitous, meddlesome Jewish-Zionist billionaire George Soros were desperately attempting to unseat President Rousseff, but as the case has been since Comandante Chávez  — rest in peace — came to power in Venezuela 15 years ago — despite some setbacks, like the “Israeli”-driven coup against Honduran President Manuel Zelaya in June 2009 and the CIA-backed ‘soft’ coup which overthrew Paraguayan President Fernando Lugo in 2012 — the Latin American people’s power prevailed over the Empire’s plots, manifested in this instance by neoliberal gusano Aecio Neves. Granted, Rousseff’s policies vis-à-vis the usurping Zionist entity aren’t where they should be, but if her stance during the recent “Israeli” onslaught against Gaza was any indication, then we hope they will soon become as fierce as her counterparts in Sucre, Caracas, Managua and Quito. Congratulations to President Dilma Rousseff and the Brazilian people, may the peace, blessings and protection of ALLAH (SWT) be with them. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

Brazil’s leftist president Dilma Rousseff has been re-elected for another term with over 51 percent of the vote in a tight presidential run-off on Sunday. Continue reading Rousseff reelected president of Brazil

More wounded terrorists from Syria moved to Israeli hospitals

Occupied Jerusalem, SANA – Forces of the Israeli occupation transferred two wounded terrorists from Syria to Nahariya Hospital in Galilee in the north of the occupied Palestine over the past 24 hours.

The occupation authorities gave conflicting figures about the number of hospitalized terrorists who have been taken from and to the disengagement area in the Syrian Golan for cure.

The Israeli Walla website reported that two wounded suffering from injuries in the face, limbs and chest were transferred from Syria to Nahariya Hospital, adding that the Hospital have treated 408 so far. Continue reading More wounded terrorists from Syria moved to Israeli hospitals

How Money From Pro-Israel Donors Controls Westminster

by Alastair Sloan, Middle East Monitor

Around this time last year, parliamentary records show, the retired property developer and hugely generous Labour party donor, Sir David Garrard, had given a modest £60,000 towards the party’s election campaign for 2015. It came in addition to around half a million he had already given since 2003.

Fast forward to 16 June of this year, Garrard hosts a Labour Friends of Israel event, at which Labour leader Ed Miliband is the main speaker. The prime minister hopeful had, the year before, proclaimed that he was a Zionist. The lobbying group he addressed boasts dozens of Labour peers and MPs amongst its membership, including the Shadow Chancellor Ed Balls.

That same day, Garrard transferred a whopping £630,000 to the Labour party accounts, over ten times his donation from the previous year. Continue reading How Money From Pro-Israel Donors Controls Westminster

Russian Agricultural Production Soars After Food Sanctions

(Business New Europe – – October 21, 2014) – When Russian President Vladimir Putin cut off European Union imports of agricultural products earlier this year, one of the rationales was to give a boost to the badly underdeveloped domestic sector – and it seems to be working. September’s retail and investment numbers were down but agricultural production soared by 16.8% year-on-year in September, according to Rosstat.
“Domestic demand in Russia remained sluggish in September, retail sales, which reflect household consumption, edging up 1.7% year-on-year. This is slightly better than what we saw in summer and puts the nine month tally at 2.3% y-o-y,” Alfa Bank’s chief economist Evgeny Gavrilenkov said in a note on October 20. “Conversely, the agriculture sector posted extremely strong growth of 16.6% year-on-year in September and 7.7% in the first nine months of this year. Combined with strong industrial output growth last month (2.8%), driven by import substitution, this should lead to improvements in basic sector output.”

Continue reading Russian Agricultural Production Soars After Food Sanctions

Chavez Fought The New World Order

by Michael Collins Piper, Empire Strikes Black

Hugo Chavez—the colorful Venezuelan strongman, a popular figure throughout Latin America—is dead.

Although the controlled media contrived to mislead Americans into perceiving Chavez as “anti-American,” the truth is that the bombastic South American icon was actually a forthright nationalist critic of the internationalist and imperialist forces often referred to as the New World Order.

Like many who oppose the privately-owned Federal Reserve money monopoly which operates un-Constitutionally on American soil, Chavez was a critic of rampant global super-capitalism, which Chavez called “the demon.”

There is no question Chavez knew the source of his high-powered opposition. In 2000, announcing a trip to Iraq, Chavez taunted his critics, remarking: “Imagine what the Pharisees will say when they see me with Saddam Hussein.” On another occasion he asserted: “The world has wealth for all, but some minorities, the descendants of the same people that crucified Christ, have taken over all the wealth of the world.” Continue reading Chavez Fought The New World Order