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Why Must We, The Natives, Beg Our Oppressors?: On “Homeland”, Mental Colonization And Jewish Hollywood

by Jonathan Azaziah (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

Begging one’s oppressor to stop engaging in oppression is the logical equivalent of demanding a mosquito to kindly cease with the sucking of your blood. Regardless of your line of questioning, be it soft or ferocious, both creatures are going to proceed with what it is they do, for it is their nature. And yet, we Natives, i.e. the Brown, Black and Yellow peoples of the world along with our Irish and Russian brothers and sisters in Eurasia, cannot seem to stop going out on a limb and requesting of Zionists and Imperialists to just be nicer and treat us, well, like human beings. This is a symptom of mental colonization and cultural imperialism; it stems from an inferiority complex that has been installed in all of us, in one way or another, by the hegemonic forces of colonialism which deceptively seek to convince us they can somehow be reformed and made kinder as long as we don’t resist their savagery and don’t express our anger over being invaded, colonized, mass murdered, raped, usurped and pillaged.

Out of all the various forms of colonialism, each and every one of them perfidious and unconscionable, the most dangerous, hands down, is Morphing Zionism. Originally identified by Palestinian luminary Nahida Izzat and expounded upon by this author several years ago in an essay entitled “The Tribal Nexus: Zionists And ‘Anti-Zionists’ Unite To Ensure The Survival Of ‘Israel’ (1)”, Morphing Zionism is an amalgamation of “spiritual” Zionist godfather – and raging supremacist – Ahad Ha’am’s Cultural Zionism and the “liberal” Zionists’ Post-Zionism, and its function is to impose Jewish culture on the Palestinian people as well as the other peoples of the region, and to not only legitimize but also internationalize the Jewish squatter presence in Palestine in the name of “peace” or “one state” while making believe that the Nakba and all other “Israeli” crimes against humanity are simply inconsequential. There is another function of Morphing Zionism however, one that is just as treacherous as the aforementioned and which has never been discussed previously. Nevertheless, it requires dedicated attention and vigorous analysis. Continue reading Why Must We, The Natives, Beg Our Oppressors?: On “Homeland”, Mental Colonization And Jewish Hollywood