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Contrary To US Denials, Yes, The American ZOG Is Responsible For Yemeni Civilian Deaths

by Jonathan Azaziah

Don’t know whether to gut-laugh or vomit over this one. The United States says it isn’t responsible for civilian deaths in Yemen. Reminders are usually immensely rooted in tedium but in this instance, they are most certainly an imperative.

This is the same American regime that backed Ali Abdullah Saleh’s tyrannical regime for three decades, including his six brutal wars on Ansarullah and the people of northern Yemen. This is the same Washington ZOG that has been drone bombing Yemenis to death–originally conceived by top Jewish supremacist operator Joseph Lieberman–for the last six years. This is the same filthy Zionist-Imperialist brigade centered in that White House of Death whose ambassador, Zionist hellspawn Gerald M. Feierstein, ran Yemen like a dictator and advocated partitioning Yemen under the Oded Yinon guidelines before ushering in the Saudi-Emirati-backed rule of puppet Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi. And yes, this is the same Empire of Mass Murder that has given unlimited support to the House of Saud in its current aggression against Yemen. Continue reading Contrary To US Denials, Yes, The American ZOG Is Responsible For Yemeni Civilian Deaths

“Spotlight”, Hollywood Zioganda and The Systemic Rabbinical Rape Of Children

by Jonathan Azaziah

Saw “Spotlight” over the weekend with my little brother. Well-done film, from the acting to the direction to the story. But there was an 800-pound gorilla with a six-pointed star tattooed on its head pounding its chest in the back and front of my mind the entire time I was watching: Would Martin Baron, the Jewish editor of the Boston Globe at the time, have shown so much vigor and dedicated so much time and effort along with so many resources to exposing the systemic horror of rabbis raping children in the Jewish community? Not in this life or the Hereafter. There are rabbinical predators harming kids in every major city in the US, every major city in Canada, every major city in Europe, every major city in Australia and New Zealand, in South Africa and yes, even inside the disgusting Zionist entity itself. The biggest monsters off the top of my head? Avrohom Mondrowitz, Israel Weingarten and Solomon Hafner. Unspeakable what this spawn of Satan did to hundreds upon hundreds of innocents and barely anybody outside the Jewish community even knows who they are. Continue reading “Spotlight”, Hollywood Zioganda and The Systemic Rabbinical Rape Of Children

Hizbullah: We have no Bekaa Valley drone airstrip

BEIRUT (The Daily Star): A Hezbollah MP dismissed a media report claiming that the militant group possesses an airstrip in northeast Lebanon used to land its arsenal of drones.

“The defined area does not contain any airstrip. If there was an airstrip or works to build one, all the residents of the Baalbek valley would have seen it with their own eyes,” Loyalty to Resistance bloc MP Walid Sukkarieh told Al-Jumhouriya newspaper in comments published Saturday. Continue reading Hizbullah: We have no Bekaa Valley drone airstrip

Let The Hasbara Rest: Former Dictator Saleh Denies Alliance With Houthis

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Since Yemeni revolutionary movement Ansarullah cleansed Sanaa of collaborationist forces last September, a nauseatingly persistent talking point has been repeated in just about every single mass media article on Yemen: that the Houthis swept through the Yemeni capital and most of the nation’s provinces and strategic cities on the back of an alliance with former dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh. This Zionist-Saudi propaganda is not merely designed to present what is taking place in the Arab World’s poorest nation in heated sectarian terms — as the staunchly secular Saleh is from a Zaydi Shi’a background, and thus, in the demented Shiaphobic minds of the illegitimate ‘Israeli’ regime’s hasbaraniks and Riyadh’s paid tools, Ansarullah *MUST* be working with him since they share the same religious school of thought and apparently all Zaydi Shi’a Yemenis are in cahoots with each other, irrespective of the fact that they may exist at opposite ends of the geopolitical spectrum — but it is also meant to discredit the Houthis’ popular uprising and paint it as a grandiose exercise in political theater being manipulated by the former regime, not to mention as a means of depicting the brave, principled men of Ansarullah as morally bankrupt wheeler-dealers who are prepared to work with their most hated enemy — a man who brutally assassinated their founder, Sayyed Hussein Badreddin al-Houthi in September 2004 — in a bid to gain political power. Not only have the Houthis themselves categorically denied any link with the loathsome Saleh, but the former Yemeni despot denounced Ansarullah’s liberation of Sanaa and his influential, corrupt son Ahmed  offered to fight the Yemeni Resistance on the House of Saud’s behalf just two days before the criminal Saudi-led aggression against Yemen began, proofs in and of themselves that the tyrannical Saleh family and Ansarullah’s moujahideen are still very much in conflict, despite the Zionist media’s egregious reporting to the contrary. Saleh’s latest denial of any partnership between him and the Houthis should put this hasbara to bed once and for all. It’s time for the entire lot of “Arab” and “Muslim” sectarians who have been baselessly bashing Ansarullah as a group of sellouts to admit their horrendous miscalculation, acknowledge the facts and come clean with the goods: The Houthis are the embodiment of anti-Zionist, anti-imperialist, anti-Takfiri, Arab-Islamic resistance, and the revolution that they launched is one of the utmost independence, for the benefit of all Yemenis regardless of sect or tribe and devoid of any tie with Saleh. Any military or political gains Ansarullah has made have been organic and it is the pure nature of this grassroots group that makes the criminals in Riyadh and “Tel Aviv” deathly fearful of change in Yemen at the hands of the Houthis, true warriors who cannot be bought with GCC petrodollars or infected with the toxicity of International Jewry’s influence. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)
Continue reading Let The Hasbara Rest: Former Dictator Saleh Denies Alliance With Houthis

Ansarullah Rejects Saudi Arms Destruction Claim as Sheer Lie

TEHRAN (FNA)- A senior leader of Yemen’s popular Ansarullah movement rejected Saudi Arabia’s claims about the destruction of 80% of the movements’ arms and ammunition, saying most of Ansarullah armaments are stored in safe places unknown to the kingdom and its agents.

Speaking to FNA, senior Ansarullah leader Habib Zuhair al-Muslim denied the recent claims of Ahmed al-Assiri, the spokesman of “Decisive Storm” military operation, about the destruction of 80% of the arms and ammunition of the movement during the Saudi-led air strikes.

Muslim stressed that the Saudi air strikes “targeted the Yemeni people not Ansarullah areas”.

Continue reading Ansarullah Rejects Saudi Arms Destruction Claim as Sheer Lie

Who Are the Starving and Besieged Residents of Yarmouk and Why Are They There?

by Paul Larudee, Dissident Voice

There are many illusions about what is happening to the Yarmouk district of Damascus and its Palestinian refugee population. The district was originally set aside in 1957 for Palestinian refugees already living there, whom Israel had expelled from their homes in 1948, with periodic additional populations thereafter. Today it is home to around one million Syrians and Palestinians, of whom the Palestinians number roughly 170,000. Palestinians in Syria have all the rights of Syrian citizens except voting, and in Yarmouk their homes are indistinguishable from those of the Syrian residents. Continue reading Who Are the Starving and Besieged Residents of Yarmouk and Why Are They There?

Houthis slam Saudi coalition’s “suicide bombing” hasbara

by Alex MacDonald, The Middle East Eye

Saudi Arabia has alleged that Houthi militiamen have carried out suicide attacks on along its border with Yemen.

Brigadier General Ahmed Asiri, a spokesman for the Saudi military, also told reporters on Monday that the Saudi-led coalition currently launching airstrikes against the Houthi militias in Yemen is planning to expand its operations and begin targeting tribal centres known to harbour Houthi fighters and leaders.

He said the coalition had already carried out 129 reconnaissance flights on Sunday in anticipation of the mission, which marks the latest the development in Operation Decisive Storm, which seeks to restore power in Yemen to exiled President Abd Rabbuh Mansour Hadi.

Hussain Albukhaiti, a Houthi spokesperson, dismissed the Saudi allegations about suicide attacks as “lies”. Continue reading Houthis slam Saudi coalition’s “suicide bombing” hasbara

Humanitarian Intervention Alert: Yazidis ask Israel for help

by Jacky Hugi, Al-Monitor

“They have already killed many of us. What do we have to fear?” Lt. Col. Lukman Ibrahim responded when I asked him if he was afraid to openly communicate with an Israeli in a recent long-distance phone conversation from Tel Aviv to Sinjar, in northwestern Iraq, near the Syrian border. Ibrahim, a Yazidi militia officer, is hoping to obtain military aid from the State of Israel.

On Oliver Stone, Russia and Ukraine: Chicago Jews vs. NY-Israeli Jews

by Alistair McAvoy, a pseudonymous Mouqawamah Music contributor 

This is interesting. Is the Jewish turf war heating up enough so that the neolibs — who I refer to as the Chicago Jews — are willing to publicly expose the antics of the neocons — who I call the New York/Israeli Jews — in their lies about the overthrow of the democratically government in Ukraine? And, of all ways, via the medium of a movie with Oliver Stone crafting it? Apparently, yes. Continue reading On Oliver Stone, Russia and Ukraine: Chicago Jews vs. NY-Israeli Jews

Khantemplation Entry 1: Muslims, Marxists and Jewish Subversion

by Khanverse (Mouqawamah Music EXCLUSIVE)

Khantemplation Entry 1

Muslims who describe themselves as “Marxist” on some high and mighty identity politics should be aggressively opposed on the intellectual plane. Marx came from a long long line of Talmudic rabbis. The real Godfather and author of communism was Moses Hess, an ordained Talmudic rabbi. These subversives like so many other Jews of the same period were not trying to liberate any Gentiles from anything. In fact their very model of society has left behind a very ignoble legacy that can be examined and scrutinized in the Judeo-Bolshevik Soviet Union. Continue reading Khantemplation Entry 1: Muslims, Marxists and Jewish Subversion