Bloody Thursday For The Ummah: Saudi Arabia And Its Proxies Commit Atrocities In Yemen, Pakistan And Iraq

by Jonathan Azaziah

Dear God Almighty, I wish the toxic Saudi regime would be wiped off the face of this planet already.

Today, in the Yemeni district of Arhab just outside of Sanaa, US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed Saudi warplanes executed a double-tap strike and massacred yet another funeral, murdering dozens of women, children and first responders.

Also today, Mossad-RAW-backed, Saudi-trained Deobandi terrorists bombed the Lal Shahbaz Qalandar Sufi shrine in Pakistan’s Sindh Province, slaughtering at least 72 innocents and wounding over 150 more.

And yes, today again, in the Bayaa area of the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, Mossad-CIA-spawned, Saudi-schooled ISIS maniacs detonated a car bomb near automobile dealerships, killing and injuring over 100 Shi’a civilians.

If you claim to be a “human rights activist” or an “Islamic activist” for that matter, but your political stance on the genocidal Wahhabi tyrants in Riyadh is not “DEATH TO AL-SAUD”, then you need to keep your coward mouths the hell shut and retire. No more excuses, no more political correctness, no more bullshit… “DEATH TO AL-SAUD” or bust. The despots occupying the Hijaz are not Muslims and thus it is not fitnah to oppose them and fight them, it is the damn duty of every human breathing, especially those who subscribe to the Muhammadi-Husseini tradition. For Yemen, for Pakistan and for Iraq… “DEATH TO AL-SAUD” is the only way.

May all of today’s martyrs rest in peace, power and serenity. May ALLAH (SWT) give ease to their broken and grieving families. And may He (SWT) strengthen our hands so we can expedite what is an absolute must and what is most just: DEATH TO AL-SAUD.

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