Blackout In Aleppo: ‘Israel’ Bombs Syria’s Second City From US-SDF-Occupied Areas, Reaffirming Zionist-Kurdish Alliance

by Jonathan Azaziah

The recent ‘Israeli’ raids on Aleppo, Syria’s economic capital, were typically demonstrative of Zionist brutality and intent to harm Gentile life. Sheikh Najjar Industrial Complex, the neighborhood of Jibrin and a civilian airport were all hit by the usurping Zionist entity’s missiles, which ultimately triggered a blackout, terrorizing the Halabi citizenry. This isn’t the first time that Syria has experienced its lights going kablooey as a result of Zio-Imperialist aggression. In this instance however, it is not WHAT Zion bombed that this is so significant, nor the AFTER EFFECTS of the attack, but rather from WHERE Zion executed the illegal, Syrian-sovereignty-violating bombings.

Dajjal HQ (‘Israel’) attacked Syria’s second city from US-SDF-occupied territory. This has been confirmed by both Western intelligence sources as well as social media military data trackers close to the Syrian Arab Army. Not through Lebanon. Not through occupied Al-Jaulan. Not from the Galilee regions of occupied Palestine. And not from the Syrian-Iraqi border either. US-SDF-occupied territory. The implications couldn’t be more blatant. THIS is why the neocons hammered US ZOG Figurehead 45 Donald J. Trump following his announcement that the United Snakes’ military will be fully withdrawn from Bilad al-Sham. And THIS is why Trump, arrogant and spineless, has ultimately capitulated to this very demand by the Zio-Tumor’s American fifth columnists, keeping hundreds of American occupation forces in Syria. US troops are continuing their illegal presence on Syrian soil as guarantors of ‘Israeli’ aggression. For ‘Israel’ knows that Syria, Iran, Hizbullah and Russia aren’t going to risk WW3 by mistakenly clipping the wings of an American war-jet or sending American soldiers to hellfire when ‘Israelis’ were really the target.

Additionally, when we consider that the SDF is predominantly comprised of Kurdish fighters, this adds yet another layer of credence to the increasingly indisputable truth that the the ‘Israelis’ and Kurds, linked in a cornucopia of different ways from military-intelligence support going back decades to ethnic/historical connections, are working hand-in-glove to keep Syria weakened and balkanized.

Lest we forget last December that Mossad-Aman-connected IOF stenographer Avi Isaacharoff penned a puke-triggering piece for Islamophobic billionaire Jew Seth Klarman’s Times of ‘Israel’, entitled, “In Syrian withdrawal, Trump abandons ‘Israel’ and the Kurds”. Isaacharoff, who has worked with Friends of IOF on several occasions, was once accused by Palestinian protesters of being a Shin Bet operative and is well-known in the Cancerous Blight’s political and military circles, so his words matter and reflect the thinking of the Zionist establishment. ‘Israel’ needs the Kurds for its stratagems and vice versa. Furthermore, just this past February, Diliman Abdulkader, Director of the ‘Kurdistan’ Project, spoke to fanatical, rabbinical colonizer “newspaper” Arutz Sheva about how strategically important Syrian Kurds are to the American ZOG and the Zio-Tumor.

Kurds themselves are spelling it out in plain English what their agenda is, who they work for and how they intend to continue going about it. Two weeks ago in ‘Israel’ Hayom, the mouthpiece of casino magnate, Trump-backer, Iranophobe and Satanspawn Sheldon Adelson, a piece called “Kurds: Golan ‘must remain ‘Israeli”” revealed that Iraqi-Kurdish delegations flocked to the fake Jewish “state” following Washington’s announcement of recognizing ‘Israeli’ occupation, colonization and annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights, praising and offering their support for the move. This represents a contradiction in Kurdish media positioning that there is a dichotomy between the “Syrian” and “Iraqi” factions of the Kurdish “movement”. We told you before that Kurds should really be called “Jurds”, didn’t we? That ‘Israel’ bombed Halab almost as if to celebrate Trump’s Al-Jaulan decision shouldn’t be lost on anyone. “Tel Aviv” is flaunting its influence over its American dog as well as the ironclad nature of its bond with the Kurds.

But the Jewish supremacist endeavor is playing with fire. Because just as there is a Mouqawamist infrastructure in Al-Jaulan merely waiting the order from Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad to implement the liberationist directive, over 70 Syrian tribes from Hasakeh, Raqqa and Halab itself announced the formation of a popular resistance unit last June in Deir Hafer. The purpose of this brigade is to fight alongside the Syrian Arab Army against American, Turkish and French occupation forces as well as the SDF. “Direct” force against all foreign interlopers was stressed at this gathering. Bottom line is that ‘Israel’ shouldn’t be too extra with the bluster and get plenty-comfy in Aleppo’s skies. No different than the fate of the Takfiri plot itself, this too shall pass. Syrians don’t kowtow to anyone and this new reality is but a temporary one–a last-ditch effort to stave off ‘Israel’ inevitably admitting that it threw everything at Syria between its own armory along with the armories of its puppets… And it couldn’t get the ouster done. Victory to the Syrian Arab Republic. Prayers for the steadfast people of Aleppo.

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