Black-Hating ‘Israeli’ Rabbi Practices Circumcision On African Refugee Babies And Calls It “Holy Work”

by Jonathan Azaziah

‘Israelis’ really are the filthiest, most deplorable creatures on the face of this planet, aren’t they? War criminal, terrorist and baby-killer Menachem Begin infamously referred to Palestinians as “beasts walking on two legs” but as the case is with most of the vileness the Jewish supremacist cancer and its stalwarts accuse Arabs, Muslims and Gentiles of, he is projecting. It is in fact the ‘Israelis’ who are the “beasts walking on two legs” and the following revelation is the umpteenth confirmation of it. Rabbi Eliyahu Asulin, a mohel–i.e. Jewish circumcision practitioner–“from” the criminal settlement called Hadera (one of the earliest Zionist colonies), is sending his students around the ’48 lands to PRACTICE circumcision on the children of Ethiopian and Sudanese refugees. According to Asulin himself, he and his motley crew of genital-mutilating monsters have performed thousands of these cuts and he considers it “holy work”. And Asulin has been caught on camera calling African asylum-seekers “cannon fodder” as well as referring to Sudanese specifically as “the worst. They’re as black as natives.” Scariest of all? Asulin isn’t the only rabbinical ravager doing this. There are countless others.

Before you gasp in shock and dismay however, ask yourself the following two questions: “How does ‘Israel’ treat refugees of all sorts, especially Africans?” and “What does Judaism teach about Black Folk?” The usurping Zionist entity has been wreaking havoc on the worldwide Palestinian refugee population (now numbered at around 7 million) since it came into its murderous, illegal existence 68 years ago after its perpetration of the Nakba. Syrians have endured their fair share at the Jewish land thieves’ hands too, as ‘Israel’ destroyed 134 villages in the Golan Heights during the Naksa and drove some 124,000 Syrians from their ancestral soil. As for African asylum-seekers who come from Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and elsewhere, ‘Israeli’ officials like Michael Ben-Ari, Miri Regev and Eli Yishai have described them with words like “disease”, “infection” and “cancer in the body”–more cases of Jewish projection, because it is ‘Israel’ that is the disease, the infection and the cancer in humanity’s body–and it is Zionist entity policy to house migrants in a concentration camp complex in southern occupied Palestine comprised of four prisons, Nachal Raviv, Saharonim, Ketsiot and Sadot. There are 16,000 Black humans currently being held in these torturous dungeons.

All of this hatred stems directly from Judaism, with the Talmudically-concocted Curse of Ham serving as the pillar and the demonic writings of rabbinic “sage” Maimonides on Blacks reinforcing the xenophobia about a billion fold. It is this anti-Black madness that has led Ashkenazi, Sephardic and Mizrahi ‘Israelis’ into persecuting Ethiopian Jews–who, for the record, have no problem serving in the ‘Israeli’ terrorist army and oppressing indigenous Palestinians, coincidentally and disgustingly enough–including the forced sterilization of Ethiopian Jewish women. Above and beyond even the United Snakes of Jim Crow AmeriKKKa, there’s not a spot this side of the universe more hostile to Black Folk than the malignant growth occupying Al-Quds known as ‘Israel’. Thus, considering that this anti-Black, anti-African sentiment is the official policy of the shaytanic ‘Israeli’ regime and also “preached” by rabbis with close links to the ‘Israeli’ military-intelligence establishment, the felonious behavior of Rabbi Eliyahu Asulin shouldn’t be seen as an astonishing act but a regularity of an entity founded on and sustained with hatred.

A final note should be made regarding the utterly gruesome Jewish circumcision “rite” of “metzitzah b’peh”, or oral suction, which was performed, nay, INFLICTED on these poor Ethiopian and Sudanese children, not to mention millions of other newborns worldwide, both Jewish and non-Jewish alike. If there’s a mohel involved, metzitzah b’peh is happening. This iniquitous, pedophilic, horrifying practice involves a rabbi cutting off the baby’s foreskin and then sucking the bloody wound where the incision was made until bleeding ceases. Jews repulsively consider it “holy”, even as infants turn up all over the place with herpes and other STDs because of these corroded, malevolent rabbis. It is, without any doubt, the most vulgar practice on Earth bar none. So much time is spent among our ranks ripping into Wahhabism and “Christian” Zionism, as well as the lunacy associated with both, and rightfully so. But why is it perfectly fine to mercilessly expose these two perversions yet Judaism is off-limits? Why?

Are savage anti-Black bigotry and the oral rape of children not grounds enough to criticize this supremacist, globe-holding cult masquerading as a religion? Hmm? We’re not even going to get into Jewish hatred of women, Jewish hatred of Christians, Jewish hatred of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and the Jewish Dajjalic quest to rule the Gentile world based on rabbinical ravings straight out of the corrupted Torah, Talmud and Zohar. Just the Curse of Ham and metzitzah b’peh will do for now. If you find yourself incapable of condemning these abominations out of fear of being labeled “anti-Semitic” or any other false misnomer, then you just might be Judaically brainwashed and not even a tenth as “revolutionary” as you think.

And so long as this cowardice continues, there will be more Rabbi Eliyahu Asulins hurting more African children, more Zionist occupiers continuing their theft of Palestine and more international Jewish “elites” pursuing their two-pronged war on Islam and Christ (A.S.) because there is nothing being fired back at them as they pillage, plunder and propagandize. Shake off the shackles. Swallow the fear no matter how bitter the pill. Uphold the weak even as the controllers of history’s most monumental empire try to stick their poison-dipped daggers deep into your guts. Man up, damn it. Man up and save the babies. Man up and expose Judaism.

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