As ‘Israeli’ War Criminal and Netanyahu Mentor Moshe Arens (L.A.) Dies And Goes To Hell, We Remind You The “One State Solution” Is A Fraud

by Jonathan Azaziah

Moshe Arens, Lithuanian Jew, false flag terrorist and lifelong Zionist war criminal, has died and gone to hell at the ripe old age of 93. It is due to their passionate love of the Dunya and core knowledge of what awaits them in the Akhira that the agents of Dajjal find a way to skate death at every turn. Being that ‘Israel’ is Dajjal’s headquarters on Earth and the physical manifestation of all things shaytanic, Arens living as long as he did for a cause as rank, corrupt and godless as that of Global Zionism, is not surprising. He may not be as well-known as some of his counterparts who have returned home to Jahannam in recent years like Ariel Sharon (L.A.) and Shimon Peres (L.A.), but his contributions to the Zionist project are critically important to overstanding what we currently face at this very moment, specifically how language is used to stifle the struggle for liberation and keep the Zio-Tumor alive and (un)well in our midst.

It’s become customary among truth and antiwar activists, Arabs and Muslims especially, that every time a parasite such as Arens kicks the bucket, celebrations, parties and tears of joy pop off as if some victory was achieved by this demon-spawn existing for a lengthy period of time and wreaking havoc on humanity before dying decrepit and peacefully. There might even be remembrance of their atrocities, perversions and subversions. But reflections on who they were, the legacy of terror that they built and its endurance into the now, and how there are countless more like them, molded exactly in their image, walking around with hatred of the Divine and disseminating that hatefulness wherever they go, are seldom engaged in. They’re scant really. And due to Arens being a below-the-radar personality, in this instance, there are none at all. Make no mistake however, he’s as important to the ongoing plight as any major player. Because Moshe Arens, the Kaunas-Lithuania-native, turned-Riga-Latvia-transplant, turned-New Yorker, turned-Zionist godfather, is the man who introduced the world to Benjamin Netanyahu.

It was in Riga, when he was just a teenager, prior to coming to New York City, that he’d get involved in Betar, the Jewish supremacist youth movement and terror group founded by Vladimir Jabotinsky. Fed Gentile-hate and fervor to re-create the (completely fake) ‘kingdom of Israel’, no matter how many innocent Goyim he had to slaughter, he then joined Irgun and played a role in every major terrorist action that the organization executed, including the Deir Yassin Massacre. Following the Nakba, the Irgun leadership moved him and several other young terrorists into the Maghreb, specifically Morocco and Algeria. Think of them as Mossad before Mossad. The official Zionist narrative is that they were present in these regions to organize “self-defense battalions”. This is sheer hasbara though. Jews in the Maghreb were always treated well by the ruling states (and elites), playing major roles in politics and finance, and needed no such self-defense. The real mission of Arens and his cronies was to execute false flag bombings on Jewish targets, blaming it on Muslims, and forcing Moroccan and Algerian Jews to leave since they had no intention of departing their ancestral lands in the first place. Needless to say… It worked.

As waves of duped Arab Jews made their way on fallacious grounds to the usurping ‘Israeli’ entity, Arens came back too… As a Zionist hero. He would help found Herut, the precursor to Likud, and campaigned with swagger to sway communist Jews towards his side of the fence. Before settling – deliberate word choice – in occupied Palestine for good, he’d head back to America for one of the most important segments of his life–studying engineering at MIT under none other than Qian Xuesen, the father of Red China’s nuclear weapons and missile programs. Xuesen, known as the “King of Rocketry”, had been under surveillance in America for being an intelligence operative of Red China and those suspicions turned out to be on point. He had intimate ties with Jewish-Soviet agents Frank Oppenheimer (American nuclear kingpin J. Robert’s brother) and Pasadena chemist Sidney Weinbaum. He had a major effect, both scientifically and intellectually, on Arens, who would forge a friendship with the communist science wizard and maintain contact with him over the years–even when Mao had an explicitly pro-Palestinian stance and was putting big money behind the PFLP. It was the Arens-Xuesen bond that set the stage for the ‘Israeli’-Chinese relationship today. In effect, Arens can be considered the grandsire of the strategic ties between “Tel Aviv” and Beijing.

Arens married New York Jewess Muriel Eisenberg before returning to the cancerous venture and becoming a professor at Technion University, the ‘Israeli’ intelligence hotbed where he’d get on a first name basis and establish working relationships with numerous high-up operatives of Unit 8200 and Mossad. Next up was a stint as Deputy Director General at ‘Israel’ Aerospace Industries where he developed the Kfir fighter jet. Commentary on a warplane named “Kfir/Kafir” – the Arabic word for disbeliever, one which factors heavily into Islamic eschatology and the system of Dajjal openly proclaiming its disbelief and opposition to ALLAH (SWT) – and used to bomb predominantly Muslim civilians, would be better suited for another piece. But it is nevertheless critical to mention that Arens was its architect, confirming his position as a top-ranking agent of Dajjal. He’d join the Knesset after that as a senior Likudnik and earn notoriety as the head honcho of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee, using his contacts with Mossad, Unit 8200 and Aman to make a budgetary splash with a new, secretive outfit that was going to revolutionize ‘Israeli’ intelligence: Talpiot. And ground zero was his old stomping ground… Technion University.

He also spearheaded the rebuke of the “peace” treaty with Egypt. Not because he wasn’t happy about Cairo surrendering and becoming an ‘Israeli’ client state but because he did not want to dismantle the illegal Yamit colony in the Sinai. It is right here in this action that Arens is revealed to be a proponent of the expansionist Greater ‘Israel’ scheme dreamed of by Jewish supremacists to extend from “Nile to Euphrates”. His vocal stance earned him major praise from his fellow sociopathic colleagues and catapulted him into his next assignment: heading up the ‘Israeli’ embassy in Washington. It was here that he began to groom Netanyahu, shaping him into the maniac we see before our very eyes today.

As ‘Israeli’ Ambassador to the American ZOG, Arens commanded the Zionist spying apparatus and worked to cover up both the Sabra and Shatilah Massacre as well as the USS Liberty false flag attack. He later became “Defense” (read: War) Minister on three separate occasions along with brief stints as Foreign Minister and Minister Without A Portfolio. In each period, Netanyahu was with him every step of the way and Arens repeatedly told his protege that the future of ‘Israel’ was in his hands. Arens’ death clearly affected Nutty Netty, with the latter declaring that he feels like “an orphaned son who lost his father.” The current ‘Israeli’ Mass-Murderer-In-Chief also called “Misha”, as Arens was known among Zionists, his “soul mate”. Disturbing in ways we care not to tackle, honestly.

Arens implemented what Haaretz hasbaranik Aluf Benn described as the “most far-reaching organizational changes ever made by the” ‘Israeli’ terrorist army, including but not limited to “the establishment of the ground forces command, a missile defense system, a home front command and a special tactics division.” He also helped Major General Israel Tal create the Merkava tank, which proved to be the very finest piece of machinery of its class in the world until Hizbullah obliterated its invincibility myth in 2006. Because of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance smashing ‘Israel’ in the July War, Arens suggested, up until the day he was sent back to the Naar, to establish an offensive missile corps to combat the Party of ALLAH’s (SWT) capabilities but it all fell on deaf Zionist ears. His coreligionists prefer to slaughter women and babies from the air, not exert actual effort in fighting fearsome, Godwary moujahideen in advanced combat.

Netanyahu, the demon that he is, said it best. Arens’ “fingerprints” can be found in nearly every major arena of the usurping Zionist entity. He helped ethnically cleansed Palestine. He was a pioneer in establishing ‘Israel’ as a multicultural Jewish “state” with his false flag terrorism against the Mizrahim in the Maghreb. He built up the ‘Israeli’ weapons industry alongside Shimon Peres (L.A.) He brought China and the Zio-Tumor into a brotherhood. He provided the deceptions needed for some of the artificial Halakhic-Talmudic regime’s biggest cover-ups. He modernized the occupation military. He fattened and expanded the tentacles of ‘Israeli’ intelligence, including Unit 8200 and Talpiot. He indoctrinated countless young, unsuspecting minds with the conceptual stratagem of Zionist expansionism. Trusted advisor of Begin (L.A.) and Shamir (L.A.) Talmudist and Saddam Hussein sympathizer. Through and through, he was a Jewish supremacist hawk who relished in spilling Goy blood and co-opting willing Goyim so Zion could continue criminally existing. But it is what we shall conclude with… That may have been his biggest service to Global Zionism of all.

In his latter years, he spent time writing Holofraud propaganda like “Flags Over The Warsaw Ghetto” and building up the next generation of Zionist colonizers in his position as Chairman of the International Board of Governors of Ariel University in the criminal Ariel outpost in the occupied West Bank. Perhaps paradoxically, it was here where he solidified his aforementioned extreme-expansionist views by stating that ‘Israel’ can never cede sovereignty over once inch of “its” land, especially “Judea and Samaria”, and to prevent future conflicts or even worse, a mass expulsion of Jews, Palestinians should be granted citizenship as well as the right to vote in… Wait for it… Just… wait for it… ONE BI-NATIONAL STATE. That’s right. The Betar bully. The Irgun ideologue. The Likudnik looter. The JNWOist and Red China friend. The Zionist zealot. Moshe Arens. Wanted a single state for Jews and Palestinians.

What does that tell you? That all in all, despite his myriad crimes against the Palestinian and Lebanese peoples, beneath all that bloodshed and terrorism, Arens was actually a human rights activist at heart? No. Not even close. What it means is… Arens was a realist. He saw the writing on the wall: The illegitimate Jewish regime was going to die like every other colonialist endeavor before it. Or, more appropriately, like every other JUDAIC POLITICAL ENDEAVOR before it–from “Davidic” Judah to the Sanhedrin in Roman Palestine to Himyar to Khazaria. He knew that without the offensive missile corps he advocated for so heavily, ‘Israel’ wouldn’t win a future war against Hizbullah and its allies. So to save it… He proposed integrating the indigenous into the Zionist implant, thus preserving Jewish supremacy and projecting an image of inclusion, tolerance, reconciliation, unity, liberal traditions, ‘Israeli’ grace and wisdom, acceptance, and the defeat of extremism to the world.

In other words… In SIMPLER words… He believed that a one state solution would be good for the Jews. And as we’ve come to say here often… What’s good for the Jews is bad for the Gentiles. And as we’ve also come to say here often, like a shattered record, really… The one state solution is as fraudulent as the two state solution. It could be a ten-state solution. It could be a red, white, blue, green, yellow, pink, purple, orange, brown, black, polka-dotted and striped state solution. Every damn color in the spectrum even! It wouldn’t matter. So long as the land thieves–i.e. every ‘Israeli’ Jew–continue illegally squatting in Palestine, there will never be peace. Never.

Expulsion of the colonizers back to their points of origin through death to ‘Israel’, like death to the French regime in Algeria and death to the Dutch regime in Indonesia before it, is the only way towards justice. Anything else is a validation of Arens’ position and moreover, the conservation of the felonious Kabbalistic construct. Palestinian luminary Nahida Izzat coined the intellectual term for this phenomenon, which this author later expounded upon in an essay called “The Tribal Nexus”. It’s known as Morphing Zionism–stalwarts of global Jewish hegemony “changing with the times” so that very hegemony doesn’t seem so… Well… Hegemonic.

And he’s left an army of clones in Waram Khabeeth to carry on his legacy, the most prominent being Rabbi Dov Lipman, a prominent American-born Knesset member who is bridging the gap between secular Jews and Orthodox Jews as well as building bigger bridges with the Shabbos Goyim that ‘Israel’ calls “Righteous Gentiles”. The name of the game is to stop the liberation of Palestine and secure a future for the alien Yahoudling gangster “state”. Language doesn’t just matter. Language shifts consciousnesses. Language changes history. Language overthrows oppressive structures. And using the enemy’s language without clarification of why it’s being put into use in the first place spells certain death. “One state solution” is Moshe Arens’ language. Zionist language. “Bi-national state” is Moshe Arens’ language. Zionist language.

To hell with his phraseology. I’d write to hell with him too but that’d be redundant because he’s already there… Roasting. May we never forget the crimes of “Misha”. May we hold all his mini-mes to account when their time comes… From Netanyahu to Lipman to his entire squad of propagandists at Haaretz and more. And most vitally of all… May all his victims see justice when Palestine is liberated… Not raped again with a dishonest “bi-national state”… but L-I-B-E-R-A-T-E-D. From the River to the Sea. Every Zionist occupier sent packing. Rot in Jahannam eternally, Arens. Please do give my sincerest curses to all your aforementioned conflagration-mates. We want you to know that all your efforts – and no doubt they were exorbitant – have been in vain. Indeed… Sooner than soon, ‘Israel’ and its Imperium that you helped build from the blood-soaked ground up are going to be even deader than you are.

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  1. Had heard of him. But had no clue just how steeped in zionist poison this freak was! Very much so. Right down to his filthy marrow. Good riddance. Talpiot rot. This ghoul, this malucious mensch of zion, will not be missed. Thankyou for the informative ‘bio’ on this bio hazard. Now gone and forgotten with the rest of his likudnik ‘settler’ ilk.

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