Anyone Silent On The Suffering Of Yemen And Its People Is A Monster

by Jonathan Azaziah

I don’t know this woman’s name. Nor her baby’s.

I don’t know what part of Yemen that they’re from–only that they’re Yemeni.

But seeing the child’s unspeakably malnourished body and the mother’s insurmountable sadness–even through the Niqab–is a stark and gut-wrenching reminder of how much I viscerally hate the monsters.

No, not ‘Israel’, Saudi Arabia, the UAE, the rest of the GCC and the American, British, French, Canadian, Australian and German ZOGs. Not traitorous Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, his goons, AQAP, Daesh, the treasonous and servile South Yemen secessionists and all the political personalities regionwide claiming to stand with (a wholly illegitimate) “legitimacy”. Hatred for these Dajjalic forces is a given and as natural as breathing air.

Who I’m actually referring to are the “human rights activists” and “Muslims” who have barely spoken above a whisper for the besieged people of Yemen… and… much worse… gone as far to join the hasbara onslaught against Ansarullah, the only force defending Yemenis against the Riyadh-Washington-Abu-Dhabi-“Tel-Aviv”-London alliance’s terror. And yet they claim to be our “friends”. Verily, with “friends” like this, the very concept of enemies is made as worthless as a qat garden without the evergreen leaves, flowers or samara.

There is no “civil war” in Yemen. The “both sides are bad” narrative is an abomination. There is only Al-Saud’s illegal, immoral, obscene, Zionist-engineered aggression and the dauntless human beings who are akin to warrior-angels led by Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi that are resisting it.

If you’re not explicitly standing AGAINST the former… while unequivocally standing WITH the latter… then the immeasurable suffering of this starving Yemeni mother and her child are on your hands. And yes… without question… without hesitation… that indeed would make you a monster.

#LongLiveYemen #DeathToSaud #LongLiveAnsarullah #EndTheZionistWarOnYemen #SaveYemensChildren

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