Ansarullah Sends Over 100 Occupiers To Hell Just 48 Hours Before The Two-Year Mark Of Al-Saud’s War On Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Jummah Mubarak to those invincible, resilient, heroic Warrior-Angels we know and love as the Houthis! Earlier yesterday, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance of Ansarullah nailed a gathering of Wahhabi interlopers with a Zelzal-3 at the Mesyal border-crossing in the Saudi-occupied, historically-Yemeni province of Najran. Yemen’s guardians also fired a stream of those same indigenously-produced Zelzal-3 ballistic missiles on the Saudi military camps of Aqafah, Al-Hamada, Al-Shurfah and Nahiqah, all of which are also in Najran. In total, over 100 aggressors were sent to the flaming, sulfur-ridden pits of Jahannam. This follows another spectacular Mouqawamist assault on Saudi occupation forces on Wednesday, in which Ansarullah wiped out dozens upon dozens of Saudi-led mercenaries in the strategic region of Al-Moukha in Ta’iz Province.

With the two-year anniversary of Saudi Arabia’s genocidal, US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed war on Yemen only 48 hours away, let us not merely mourn the more than 15,000 martyrs whose lives were snuffed out in this largely-ignored crime against humanity. Let’s not just pray for those millions of Yemenis being starved by the Saudi siege. Let us also honor and salute the courageous men who have fought Dönmeh Al-Saud tooth and nail and dished out a historic ass-kickin’ of the Kingdom of Darkness on behalf of all of humanity. Like the Syrian Arab Army and its allies with their protection of Bilad al-Sham, if it was not for Ansarullah’s dauntless moujahideen, Yemen would now be a colony of Empire Judaica. Never have the words “Long live Yemen!” and “Long live Ansarullah!” been so apt. Striking Star Salute o’ Houthiyeen! The debt that Earth owes you is too great to ever be repaid!

One thought on “Ansarullah Sends Over 100 Occupiers To Hell Just 48 Hours Before The Two-Year Mark Of Al-Saud’s War On Yemen”

  1. I totally agree. The Houthis of Ansarullah are honourable warriors, unlike the cowardly saudis, who slaughter civilians from a safe distance, then starve those who survive..
    Wondered if you heard the recent announcement by the “leader” of the usurping, parasitic entity occupying Palestine, where he announced that there will be two more “israels”, one in Libya, and one in Yemen..
    Much as I like Robert Reyvolt, he mistakenly, in his most recent podcast, referred to the gas fields off the coast of Gaza as “israeli”, they are not, the gas fields, as well as every other part of Palestine, were stolen..
    Finally, Jeff Rense annoys me, with his constant mantra of “diseased” Muslims invading the US and europe. Makes me wonder who`se payroll he is on. Also some of his guests are just as ignorant, probably willfully, like the guy called Morningstar, probably jewish, who stated that the beneficiaries of a war with Russia will be, wait for it, China…

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