Ansarullah Seizes Another Al-Qaeda-Bound Arms Cargo Airdropped by Saudi Planes

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Ansarullah fighters seized a huge arms cargo airdropped by a Saudi military plane for the al-Qaeda terrorists in Yemen’s central province of Ma’rib on Wednesday, after the Saudi pilot failed to close out its flight plan.

The al-Qaeda-bound arms freight was seized by the Ansarullah popular forces in the province of Ma’rib, after the Saudi pilot couldn’t manage to properly recover the aircraft from a high-pitch and mistakenly dropped the cargo on an area off the mark.

This was the second such cargo seized by Ansarullah popular forces.

In a similar move, Yemen’s popular fighters seized a huge weapons cargo airdropped by a Saudi military transportation plane for allied troops in the Southern province of Lahij on Monday.

According to FNA dispatches from Southern Yemen, the weapons supply was dropped by the Saudi planes in the vicinity of Al-End Air Base, where the Ansarullah and army forces repelled an attack by the Saudi-backed Al-Qaeda troops.

Today, Saudi warplanes hammered building of Yemen’s Agricultural Credit Bank in their latest airstrikes on Sa’daa.

The Wednesday’s attacks on Sa’daa claimed the lives of at least 16 civilians, including a mother and her three children.

Also, the monarchy’s warplanes targeted dozens of food storage depots across the Arab country during the bombing raids.

A stadium located 100 kilometers (62 miles) South of the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, was also hammered on Wednesday’s attacks.

Saudi Arabia started its unauthorized aerial bombardments on Yemen on March 26. The Saudi-led attacks have drawn international criticism after claiming the lives of at least 2515 people, mostly women and children, and razing thousands of housing units to the ground.

Also, thousands of people have been injured during the attacks as the Saudi offensive enters its 21st consecutive day.

Some western countries, including the US, have backed the Saudi aggression despite international calls for a swift halt to the attacks.

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