Ansarullah Meets Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah In Lebanon, Salutes Him Back Home On Yemen’s Battlefield

by Jonathan Azaziah

Talk about a sight for sore eyes and spiritual comfort food! Ansarullah was in Lebanon yesterday to meet Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah! A delegation led by the Yemeni Islamic Resistance’s spokesman Muhammad Abdul Salaam met with the leader of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance to discuss the latest news from Yemen’s battlefield as well as the efforts being put forth to stop Saudi Arabia’s criminal aggression and siege. Spokesman Abdul Salaam told the Liberator of Lebanon that he was conveying the glad tidings of his entire nation to Hizbullah and the victorious Lebanese people, telling Nasrallah that Yemenis salute him a thousand times over for his righteous, unwavering stance on their behalf. He also conveyed his congratulations to Sayyed Abou Hadi on the twin anniversaries of the Divine Victory and the final defeat of the Takfiri terrorist scourge inside Lebanon. It wasn’t just a showing of the close brotherly bond between Hizbullah and Ansarullah and the resistant peoples of Yemen and Lebanon, but a reaffirmation of Yemen’s entry into the Resistance Axis and a solidification of its strength on a regional level too. Nasrallah told Abdul Salaam that Yemenis, like Lebanese under fire in ’06, have shown the whole world their might, and when the war is over, they too will have achieved a triumph facilitated by ALLAH (SWT).

Meanwhile, in the besieged port city of Hudaydah, where Ansarullah continues holding the line against a vicious Saudi-UAE invasion force, the coalition of cowards has sustained massive losses at the hands of the Houthiyeen over the last 48 hours. An Emirati-led brigade of usurpers attempted to overrun the strategic district of Al-Durayhimi but the Yemeni Islamic Resistance and its allies in the Yemeni army were ready for the offensive. Abu Dhabi’s mercenaries were totally overwhelmed. Over 140 occupiers were scorched and sent to hell to be re-scorched and at least 236 others were badly wounded. Ansarullah and company also destroyed 15 MRAPs provided to the UAE by the American ZOG. All the crew members were killed and injured, making the total Saudi-UAE-led casualty count even higher. After hitting the last MRAP, Ansarullahi moujahideen climbed atop the heap of metal scrap and raised Yemeni Islamic Resistance leader Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s portrait. Right next to it, they placed a picture of Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. The love of the Mouqawamah from Yemen to Lebanon runs deep and i’s present in all stages of the confrontation with the despotic Wahhabi proxies of ‘Israel’ and Washington.

Indeed, from the youngest and purest children, to the citizenry during grand celebrations like Al-Quds Day, to the leadership of Yemen’s protectors, the Culture of Resistance — highlighted by the heartfelt and soul-etched admiration for Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, the Men of God he commands and Hizbullah’s martyrs– is everywhere in Yemen. “Decisive Storm” is what Al-Saud and the Emirati tyrants called the genocidal attack against the Yemeni people. Well, after three years of torrential-rain-like aggression, the Mouqawamist flame burns as bright as it did on day one of the war, if not brighter. Inextinguishable Resistance. Embodied by both Yemen and Lebanon. We look forward to the day that Hizbullahis and Ansarullahis fight together against the usurping Zionist entity in the battle for Palestine. It’s coming a lot sooner than one would think. But for now… We can just smile knowing that the heroes of Saba and the guardians of Bilad al-Sham are coordinating more and more by the day. Nishkour ALLAH (SWT).

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