Ansarullah Is The Transcendence Of Heroism

by Jonathan Azaziah

Seeing Saudi soldiers get beaten to a bloody pulp by Ansarullah on every front in ‪#‎Yemen‬ is just damn GLORIOUS. All these dead maggots of Al-Saud truly warm the heart… Like hot chocolate on a blustery wintry night, don’t they?!

Between 550-600 Khaleeji invaders decimated in Midi over the last week; scores more Najdi-Wahhabi garbage-buckets neutralized in a failed GCC attempt to take the city of Rabouah; dozens of other diseased aggressors blown to bits in fresh Qaher-1 ballistic missile strikes on Al-Nasr military base in Ma’rib and Qanav military base in Jawf; and in classical, Hizbullah-like fashion, more than 40 cowardly, little enemy occupiers captured in Bayda and elsewhere. With a region populated with too many collaborators, demons, sellouts, chickenshits and halfwits to count, the ‪#‎Houthis‬ and their comrades really do represent an undying hope; not only for a better tomorrow, but for an IMMINENT better tomorrow, one which is free of Zionism, Imperialism, Neoliberalism and Takfiri-Wahhabism, because lions like the Yemeni Mouqawamah stood up to tyrants and refused to be subjugated even with an Empire breathing down their necks. Ansarullah ain’t just synonymous with “hero” brothers and sisters… Ansarullah is the transcendence of it.

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