Ansarullah Honors Imam Ali’s (A.S.) Martyrdom Anniversary With Continuing Advancement Across Yemen

by Jonathan Azaziah

Labaykah ya Ali (A.S.)! Labaykah ya Ansarullah! As millions around the world keep commemorating the martyrdom of Islam’s First Imam (A.S.), the Houthis continue to honor Amir al-Moumineen’s (A.S.) legacy in various arenas of the Yemeni battlefield. Al-Anad Military Airport is now so close that the Yemeni Islamic Resistance can taste it as the righteous forces of Zaydi-Mouqawamist counter-hegemony have liberated the strategic village of Maghaniya in the northern Lahij countryside. Elsewhere, in Ta’iz, Brigade 35 Base (Al-Qasr Camp), was recaptured from the Saudi-led coalition and its Hadi-loyalist stooges after Ansarullah smashed ’em to bits and sent SCORES UPON SCORES of these aggressors to the darkest, dankest pits of Jahannam. Moving over to Sanaa, the Houthis freed another mountaintop, Jabal Moughanatis, consolidating their control over the Yemeni capital. And in Ma’rib City, where the fighting is particularly fierce, Ansarullah’s Al-‘Abidah and Al-Jalal tribal allies devastated the Saudi regime’s proxies, beating them to a pulp and driving them out from the ultra-vital provincial capital. There isn’t a front in Yemen right now where Ansarullah and its partners aren’t completely stifling and punishing the invaders like Muhammad Ali did to Ernie Terrell in the famous “What’s My Name???” fight! It’s beautiful. It’s inspiring. It’s hopeful. And even though we mourn Imam Ali (A.S.) and we pray for all Muslims to recognize the tragedy of his martyrdom as well as his importance to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.) and thus to the entire Ummah, we shouldn’t mourn too much nor should we be sad in the slightest. Because Imam Ali (A.S.), the King of the Martyrs, the Wielder of Zulfiqar, the Remover of the Khaybar Door, the Apogee of Eloquence, The Most Heroic, the Sage of Sages, the Lion of ALLAH (SWT), is not dead, but alive; very much alive, very much well and very much vibrant in the pristine fighting hearts of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance. #YaAli #ImamAliMartyrdomAnniversary #LongLiveYemen #LongLiveAnsarullah

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