Ansarullah Hits Riyadh With A Burqan-2 Ballistic Missile To Welcome Trump And Then Launches Million-Man March To Protest Him Further

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Mighty Moujahideen of Ansarullah really know how to put smiles on the faces of the oppressed, don’t they? Just hours before Donald J. Trump’s arrival in the Saudi Kingdom of Terrorism, where he signed the biggest arms deal in history at $460 billion with full-on Zionist approval, the Yemeni Islamic Resistance fired two Burqan-2 ballistic missiles into “Saudi” territory–one that downed a Wahhabi regime warplane over historically-Yemeni Najran and another one, the true glory of the day, right at the Saudi capital of Riyadh. Message from the Houthiyeen to the Tangerine Terrorist and his butcherous Wahhabi partners couldn’t have been anymore direct: You may bomb us and you may starve us, you may blockade us and you may infect us with cholera, but our missiles CAN REACH YOU and WILL REACH YOU regardless of your aggression, for we are a people who never heard of the word “kneel” let alone know its meaning. Furthermore, the shenanigans of this circus clown in presidential garb and his Chabadnik Jewish supremacist children upon their entry into Al-Saud’s ostentatious dwellings weren’t lost on Ansarullah and the Yemeni people. Indeed, the sons and daughters of Saba did not find any of it even the least bit amusing.

And to show their disgust, not to mention their never-ending dauntlessness and defiance, Ansarullah organized a massive, MILLIONS-DEEP march in Al-Sabeen Square in Sanaa titled “No To US Terrorism On Yemen!” Led by the thunderous voice of Senior Ansarullah Commander, soldier of the September 21st Revolution and former de facto Yemeni President Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, the streets of Yemen’s capital city were filled to the brim with every element of Yemeni society: men, women, children, elderly, moujahideen from Ansarullah, policemen, soldiers of the Yemeni Armed Forces, activists, teachers, farmers and even the blind and the disabled. AK-47s, the preferred weapon of choice for the Yemeni Islamic Resistance and its allies and symbol of victory that strikes fear in the hearts of the Saudi invaders and their Takfiri proxies, were as copious as the people themselves. Ansarullah’s glorious banner and portraits of Yemeni martyrs, including Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi (R.A.), skied high. Some of the more creative personalities of the Yemeni Mouqawamah even dressed up in “Trumpface” to mock the US ZOG’s figurehead Supercilious Orange. The lightning speed that this resistance demonstration was organized, the massive turnout and the all-inclusiveness of it profoundly display the grassroots nature of Ansarullah and how deeply adored it is by Yemenis irrespective of tribal or religious background, thus eviscerating the narrative spun by both Al-Saud and the Trump regime that the Houthis are “Iranian vassals”. All Yemeni, all day you Zio-Imperialist liars and nothing else!

The people of Yemen, who have long exemplified the meaning of steadfastness, are not moved by Trump’s deepening of relations with the Saudi Kingdom of Darkness, let alone shaken. Indeed, they remain as firm, unbroken and towering as the mountains that their struggles against World Jewry and Al-Saud’s domination were forged in. Like Baruch Uncle O’Toma and Zio-Killary Clinton before them, Trump and his demonic son-in-law Jared Kushner can sell all the arms that they want to Dönmeh Saudi Arabia, and they can increase Amreeki support to the “Decisive Storm” coalition of cowards and tyrants too. None of it matters. Because the bullets and the missiles of the Yemeni Islamic Resistance will continue to fly with precision at the aggressors. Yemen’s citizens will continue to be unified in the face of the Wahhabi occupation and continue to march like there is no tomorrow to inform the world that they will not submit. And in the end, like one of the signs read at this weekend’s epic rally, “American world terrorism on Yemen will be defeated.” Most certainly. God is great. Death to the American regime. Death to ‘Israel’. Curse be on the Jews. Victory to Islam. Long live Yemen. Long live Ansarullah. Say it once. Say it twice. And then say it again!

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