And Now For Trump’s Next Trick – Atrocities In Syria: US Warplanes Bomb 4 Of Raqqa’s Bridges And Destroy Its Main Water Supply Line

by Jonathan Azaziah

Donald Trump campaigned on an “antiwar” platform vis-a-vis Syria and it was the primary reason that many a revolutionary activist entertained his many, MANY flaws and preferred his candidacy over the certifiably bloodthirsty Hillary Clinton. Well, without any further ado, that idea can be chucked out the window ’cause President Supercilious Orange, following up on his crime against humanity in Yemen’s Al-Bayda, committed unspeakable atrocities in Syria just a few days ago. On February 3rd, American warplanes, continuing to illegally fly in Syrian airspace without Syrian approval, carried out several sorties over ISIS’s de facto capital of Raqqa. But it wasn’t the Daeshi terrorists who were targeted. Instead, what the US ZOG bombed were the new and old bridges of Raqqa City, key outlets that allowed at least handfuls of Syrians to escape the barbaric Takfiri hell that the northern Syrian province had become, as well as the bridges of Al-Kalta and Al-Abbara in Raqqa’s northern countryside.

Moreover, and most monstrous of all, Washington’s jets of death also dropped bombs on Raqqa’s main water line, completely cutting off potable water to the entire city. Now, Syrians do not only have to deal with the everyday horror and torment of living under savage Wahhabi occupation, but thanks to Trump and company, are also at risk of dying of thirst. This criminal action by the newly minted Oompa Loompa regime does not harm ISIS in any way, shape or form. On the contrary, like Obama’s raid on Deir Ezzor’s Thardeh Mountain that slaughtered over 100 soldiers of the Syrian Arab Army, it emboldens the Takfiri terrorist gang and helps it deepen its stranglehold over the area.

The carnage unleashed on Raqqa follows Donald Trump transferring armored vehicles and other military hardware to the head-chopping FSA-linked and malevolently misnamed “Syrian” “Democratic” Forces (SDF), as well as declaring that “safe zones” were to be implemented in Syria immediately. This language of course is ‘Israeli’, rooted in the Oded Yinon plan (“A Strategy For ‘Israel’ In The 1980s”) and Richard “Prince of Darkness” Perle’s infamous “Clean Break” document. Trump’s words shouldn’t be looked at as mere rhetoric either. The Kurdish National Council (KNC) is heading to Washington to discuss these “safe zones” along with federalizing large chunks of northern Syria. It is vital to understand that the KNC came into being under the tutelage of none other than Massoud Barzani, the Zionist-owned gangster dictator of Iraq’s Kurdish region who has been campaigning to establish a Kurdish state to benefit the usurping Jewish tumor for years. Breitbart, Trump’s Jewish-Zionist mouthpiece, is heavily promoting the growing ties between the new Amreeki administration and the ‘Israeli’-backed Kurdish chauvinists in the PYD/YPG. Make no mistake, between the flirtation with the Kurds and eviscerating Raqqa’s infrastructure to uplift ISIS, the groundwork is being laid to balkanize Syria.

It goes without saying that the Syrian Arab Republic has categorically rejected these maneuvers and has gone on record to reiterate that any attempt to alter the territorial integrity of the Syrian state will be resisted with everything Damascus has at its disposal. Russia has sternly cautioned Trump on the matter. And obviously, it’s not going to fly with the Islamic Republic of Iran, Hizbullah or the Iraqi Resistance. Trump told the American people that conflict in Syria wouldn’t happen on his watch but that’s exactly what he’s setting the stage for with these blatantly Likudnik policies. Time to call a liar a liar and a lie a lie and derail this hideous Zionist scheme when it’s still in its nascent stages. Syria’s life depends on it. Thoughts of better days and infinite prayers go out to the suffering but resilient people of Raqqa… May their water be restored and their city be freed from Takfiri AND Zio-American terror ASAP.

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