Amnesty Int’l Can Go F*** Itself: Sorosite Group’s Latest Lies Against The Yemeni Islamic Resistance Exposed

by Jonathan Azaziah

Amnesty International can go fuck itself. The Soros-funded, Zionist, US-State-Dept-aligned, “Human Rights” Imperialist guild of regime-changers and Takfiri-sympathizers have just put out a new report–more like a hitpiece, really–accusing Ansarullah, the heroic Yemeni Islamic Resistance defending its nation from both Saudi invasion and Takfiri destabilization, of “arbitrary arrests”, “torture” and “enforced disappearances” of “political opponents”. No different than its “incubator babies” hasbara campaign that fueled the American destruction of Iraq in ‘90-‘91 and every one of its propaganda waves against the Syrian Arab Republic over the last 5 years, including the recent monsoon of lies about Aleppo, Amnesty is once again going after a target of the US-‘Israeli’ Empire and attempting to distort the image of a Resistance movement under foreign attack. Amnesty smeared the Iraqi Mouqwamah from the opening days of the US-UK-Zionist onslaught, libeled Hizbullah in 2006, tried to tarnish the Palestinian Resistance in ‘08-‘09, ‘12 and ‘14… In fact! With the Houthis under disinformation assault now too, there isn’t an anti-Imperialist, anti-Zionist counter-invasion group in our whole region that Amnesty HASN’T spread falsehoods about! And what is the basis of the Sorosite “activist” organ’s latest round of legerdemain, i.e. whom are its sources sullying the good name of Sayyed Abdul Malik al-Houthi’s Godwary moujahideen? None other than Al-Islah, the Yemeni “Muslim” Brotherhood (Ikhwan). It is actually admitted right there in Amnesty’s “investigation”.

Let us be unequivocally clear: The pieces of “human” garbage that are Al-Islah ARE NOT Ansarullah’s “political opponents”. They are traitors to Yemen itself. When the Dönmeh Saudi regime launched its aggression against the Yemeni people, the Yemeni Ikhwan IMMEDIATELY voiced its support for Al-Saud and the collaborationist coalition of House Arab/House Muslim tyrants bombing their country, proving that the temporary spat between Riyadh and Al-Islah was just that: a temporary spat among Wahhabi buddies. All “activists, journalists or other figures”–this is the putridly soft language Amnesty uses to describe these turncoats–who Ansarullah happened to lock up, were collaborators and thus legitimate targets for imprisonment under the laws of war. The Iraqi, Lebanese and Palestinian Resistance movements all crack down on collaborators, especially during wartime, and the Palestinian Resistance even executes them depending on the extent of their contact with the enemy. The fact that Amnesty did not mention this KEY context anywhere in its fallacious trash shows you the US-Zionist-Saudi agenda behind the report right out of the gate.

Second of all, the Houthis aren’t “arbitrarily” arresting anyone, as the Houthis aren’t autocratic despots but the LEGITIMATE authorities in Yemen! And for the record, every arrest is coordinated with the Yemeni Ministry of Interior, the Yemeni Ministry of Human Rights and Ansarullah’s Revolutionary Committee. For over three decades, the US-Saudi-‘Israeli’-backed dictator Ali Abdullah Saleh ruled in corruption, allowing crypto-Takfiri Al-Islah and other outwardly Takfiri groups to proliferate under the tutelage of the Saudi “Ulema” so he could use them to counter Zaydi and allied Shafi’i Sunni political fervor in the poverty-stricken northern parts of Yemen. When Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi came to power with the backing of Al-Saud and the Zionist Jew US Ambassador Gerald M. Feierstein, he continued this brutal sectarian policy. It wasn’t until Ansarullah’s righteous, populace-backed revolution on September 21st, 2014 that this Wahhabi expansion was countered and curtailed. The Houthis had a top-to-bottom mop-up operation to engage in as the entire system was rotten to its core. Anyone who had ties to Al-Saud or its Al-Islah stooges, from policemen to army chiefs, prosecutors to judges, Saudi-trained, state-backed “sheikhs” to politicians and more, was removed from their post or imprisoned, and if they fought back, the Houthis used force to defend themselves. Sorry that this doesn’t tickle your hyper-liberal sensibilities Amnesty, or compute with your Judaized “Ikhwanji victimhood” narrative, but that’s just too damn bad. Al-Islah can drown in its tears.

Thirdly, Ansarullah, a grassroots organism of Mouqawamism which bases its ideology, battlefield tactics, security procedures and governance on the Holy Qur’an, does NOT torture. Period. The Houthis have denied these allegations to all Zionist mass media “reporters” who have entered Yemen and they’ve denied it to Amnesty. The only “proof” of this alleged behavior is that which stems from the lying mouths of Al-Islah’s “activists”, who are about as credible as a rabbi telling you that the Talmud contains nothing hateful whatsoever about Mother Maryam (A.S.) or Messiah ‘Isa (A.S.) Yeah, Ikhwan lies LIKE THAT.

And finally, a note should be made about the implicit allegation in Amnesty’s erroneous “investigation” that Ansarullah is responsible for the water crisis in Ta’iz, which echoes the Sorosite group’s previous lie that the Yemeni Islamic Resistance is “besieging” the coastal Yemeni province, as well as the outrageous assertion that the Saudi blockade on Yemen is only “partial”. Regarding Ta’iz, what Amnesty–and the Western-Zionist MSM also–will not tell you is that there are thousands of Takfiri-Salafis (including many non-Yemenis from Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt, Kuwait and, ironically, Syria) terrorizing the entire province. These bigoted terrorists have been indoctrinated with Wahhabism at the Saudi-funded Dar al-Hadith School of Dammaj and directly armed by the US-UK-Zionist-backed “Operation Decisive Storm” coalition.

Like the Takfiri terrorists of the Syrian-Lebanese border town of Madaya, these Wahhabis have stolen aid, stolen food, stolen water and carried out the cruelest atrocities to turn the people of Ta’iz against Ansarullah. So as a defensive measure, the Houthis have indeed sealed off certain regions to prevent Takfiri reinforcements from pouring in, but in spite of this, they’ve still constantly allowed humanitarian assistance into Ta’iz, only to watch it end up in the hands of fugitive tool Hadi’s goons, Al-Islah, AQAP or ISIS time and time again. The REAL besiegers and blockaders of Ta’iz and all of Yemen are the Saudi-led aggressors, full-stop. And it isn’t “partial” as Amnesty propagandizes, but total, covering air, land and sea. Al-Saud’s bombs have destroyed water bottling plants as well as poisoned bodies of water, and the all-out siege has led to thirst, starvation, malnourishment and sickness afflicting tens of millions of Yemenis. Again, it is the invaders and the invaders’ proxies who are the oppressors of the Yemeni people, not those resisting on the Yemeni people’s behalf.

Most deplorable of all is that this report, which isn’t worth the paper it was written on or the ink it was written in, is making the rounds among the usual “Palestine Solidarity Movement” types who are parroting its fiction to (incorrectly and falsely) show that “the Houthis are just as bad as the Saudis”. How disgusting, NAY, not merely disgusting but DEMENTED is it that we live in a time when Resistance is equated with Hegemony in matter-of-fact tones and nobody bats an eyelash? Can these people, these so-called “activists” who have betrayed every resistant, pro-Palestine state and non-state actor in our region, fall any further from grace? The greatest casualty of the “Arab Spring” hasn’t been the hundreds of thousands of innocents murdered at the hands of Empire-backed Takfirism but our critical thinking; so many “Arabs”, “Muslims” and those who SEEMED to be cognizant of the truth have literally lost their ability to discern hasbara from reality after this destructive US-Zionist illusion came to pass. And Amnesty International, whether it is spewing fibs on Yemen, Syria or any other Global South state, has shown itself to be at the heart of spearheading this brainwashing at the behest of the Zionist Imperium.

I can’t think of a better way to close than to quote Ayatollah Sayyed Ruhollah Khomeini (R.A.), the iconic, saintly leader of the Islamic Revolution who had his own run-ins with Amnesty in the wake of toppling the US-UK-‘Israeli’-loved Shah. The Islamic Republic of Iran’s founder showed no mercy in eviscerating these liberal Imperialist villains: “We live in a time when criminals are supported and praised rather than punished. We live in a time when so-called human rights organizations support the illegitimate interests of the superpowers, provide legitimacy for their crimes and try to destroy Islam. Amnesty International should be called Travesty International.” I couldn’t agree more ya Sayyed Ruhollah (R.A.), and no doubt that Ansarullah, your partisans and ideological children, would concur wholeheartedly too. ‪#‎ShamnestyIntl‬ ‪#‎TravestyIntl‬ ‪#‎DeathToHumanRightsHasbara‬ ‪#‎LongLiveAnsarullah‬

2 thoughts on “Amnesty Int’l Can Go F*** Itself: Sorosite Group’s Latest Lies Against The Yemeni Islamic Resistance Exposed”

  1. But do u believe amnesty when they document the Saudis r using US cluster bombs or the report that documented 123 Saudi air strikes on wholly civilian targets or their report on the devastation of Saada? Jailing opposition politicians, journos w/o trial incommunicado sucks no matter who does it. The Houthis are no angels that they are empowering Saleh is proof enough & there is the blood of innocents are their hands also. Everyone involved should value Yemeni civilian lives more & if the Saudi/US coalition doesn’t, that’s still no excuse or permission for the Houthis &/or the Republican Guard snipers & indiscriminate artillery & land mines.

    1. You damn sure do have a lot of nerve coming onto a website called MOUQAWAMAH Music and then falsely accusing the Yemeni MOUQAWAMAH of crimes they didn’t commit. Let us go through your despicable and completely pathetic comment bit-by-bit, shall we? Amnesty aka Shamnesty aka Travesty International, funded by George Soros and aligned with the US State Dept, is not a viable source for ANYTHING because there is always an agenda behind it. In the case of its reports on Al-Saud’s airstrikes, it is because partnered with such reports come the erroneous accusations against Ansarullah; just like AI’s reports on the Falasteeni Resistance during the Second Intifada and each of the three wars in Gaza and just like AI’s reports against Hizbullah during the 2006 July War. AI’s mission is not to expose Al-Saud’s oppression, just like it wasn’t meant to expose genocide committed by ‘Israel’, but to establish a false equivalency between the invaders and the Resistance. You would know this if you actually read the article. I demolish such notions here as well: Next, this isn’t a case of “what Amnesty says, is” and “what Amnesty doesn’t say, isn’t”. They’re a bunch of ex-State Dept staffers and Zionists working towards “regime change” wherever they’re directed inside the confines of the “Human Rights” Imperialism paradigm, not prophets, not gods, not precogs. I don’t need Amnesty’s opinion or reportage on a goddamn thing in our region because they’re not relevant to the reality EXCEPT in the context that they are part of the Zionist-Imperialist war machine. Al-Saud IS bombing civilian areas; Al-Saud IS slaughtering civilians; Al-Saud IS besieging and starving the entirety of Yemen; Al-Saud IS destroying not only Saada, but Sanaa (and Amanat al-Asima as a whole), Ta’iz, Ibb, Jawf, Ma’rib, Hajjah and every other province in Yemen, whether Amnesty confirms these happenings or not is irrelevant. Next, within this same framework, Amnesty’s reportage of cluster bombs is also meaningless because Ansarullah has been talking about cluster bombs since the first week of the aggression in late March/early April 2015, not to mention other illegal chemical munitions and gaseous elements which Amnesty didn’t talk about. In other words, Amnesty’s slightly late to the party. Again, I don’t get my news from a gang of Zionists but the Resistance and its allies. Next, Ansarullah is NOT empowering Saleh, nor is Ansarullah working with Saleh. That’s a longstanding lie of this conflict and it’s debunked in totality here: Next, again, if you actually read the article, you would know that I also thoroughly ripped to shreds the notion that Al-Islah is an “opposition” movement; it’s not. It is a putrid gang of traitors and deserves to be treated as a putrid gang of traitors. Looks like your poor, little liberal sensibilities are as hurt and agonized as Amnesty’s. Get over it. And lastly, your assertion that “everyone involved should value Yemeni civilian lives” more is absolutely disgusting when IT IS THE SAUDI-UK-US-ZIONIST COALITION WHICH IS INVADING AND BOMBING AND DESTROYING YEMEN WHILE ANSARULLAH, I.E. THE YEMENI RESISTANCE, IS DEFENDING YEMEN. There is no comparison! Period! The Houthis are the victims of this war! Their families, their friends, their wives, their children, their neighbors, their sheikhs, their countrymen! How dare you! The only ones with blood on their hands in this savage, atrocity-filled war are Al-Saud and its coalition, the traitor Hadi, the traitors in Al-Islah, and anyone else who betrayed Yemen to the Empire. Ansarullah doesn’t need “permission” from the likes of whitewashers as hideous as you to deal with such filth however it sees fit.

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