All Zio, All Day: ‘Israeli’ Proxy White Helmets To Get Elie Wiesel Award From US “Holocaust” Memorial Museum

by Jonathan Azaziah

The White Helmets make it too easy. They really do. It’s like they sign their own death warrants and then write their own obituaries before giving us the guns and the bullets to clip them. It was barely a blink ago that they had been evacuated from Syria by the usurping Zionist entity along with several Takfiri commanders and a gaggle of foreign intelligence officers, which confirmed two very important facts long denied by the “it be a organix revolouuuushun, I swearz it is bruv, I swearz” crowd: 1) ‘Israel’ has run the White Helmets from the start and 2) The White Helmets, as documented by the Syrian Arab Republic’s true friends, supporters and guardians for years, don’t just cover and clean up for head-chopping Al-Qaeda terrorists, they ARE head-chopping Al-Qaeda terrorists. And now the Zionized establishment’s favorite faux humanitarians are set to receive the ELIE WIESEL AWARD from the US “Holocaust” Memorial Museum next April. This is so incredibly delectable, it’s arduous to contain my joy enough that we can begin, but alas, we’re going to try.

1) The “Holocaust”, or as we prefer to call it, the Holofraud, the Holohoax, the Holocrock, the Holosham, the Holoscam, the Holofake, the Holocult (’cause it’s pretty damn cult-like on all levels) and the Holobollocks, is the most obscene and gargantuan piece of political propaganda in the history of political propaganda. Bar none. “The 6 Million” are more like the 70,000-100,000. And they weren’t killed by an “anti-Semitic”, genocidal, “Nazi” extermination program–indeed, there weren’t even any written orders AT ALL for such a program, as admitted under oath by “Holocaust” expert Raul Hillberg at firebrand Ernst Zundel’s infamous “Great ‘Holocaust’ Trial”. Rather, they were starved to death and died of disease along with many Germans in and around the camp networks because the supply lines of the German government were bombed by the war criminals of the Allied Powers.

There were no gas chambers. There was no human soap, nor human lampshades. There were no shrunken heads either. If you want to read or watch the truth from a Jew, David Cole, Ditlieb Felderer and Paul Eisen would be your cup of tea. If you prefer it from a Gentile, Mohammad-Ali Ramin, Dr. Hassan Abbasi, Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei, Dr. Gerald Fredrick Töben, Dr. Robert Faurisson, my dearly departed friend Anthony Lawson (RIP), Fred A. Leuchter, Roger Garaudy, Siegfried Verbeke, Ahmed Rami, the aforementioend Ernst Zundel, Monika Schaefer, David Irving, yours truly and many, many more at the state and non-state level, including those who have been targeted, persecuted and even imprisoned for their stances, will get the ball rolling for you.

Keeping this in mind, the war on Syria is, without question, the most heavily propagandized war in history–with Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah famously saying that the “media war is even bigger than the war being fought on the battlefield”. So while it obviously wasn’t the Zionists’ intention to show the shocking likenesses between one set of lies and another as they compared their Holofraud with the destabilization of the Syrian state by ‘Israel’ and its Takfiri auxiliaries, that’s exactly what they did. We’ve seen it with the global hasbara blitz by various groups and individuals connected to Organized Jewish Interests regarding Aleppo as well as Bana al-Abed being praised as a modern-day Anne Frank by the Zionist media to justify greater US ZOG interventionism in Bilad al-Sham. Now, the White Helmets are getting such an award from such an institution on the heels of all this legerdemain. Liars invoke lies in a crunch–they just can’t help it.

2) The US “Holocaust” Memorial Museum’s sole purpose is to indoctrinate the American population with the fraudulent narrative of “muh Holocaust, muh 6 million” so they feel enough guilt to support the usurping Zionist entity in perpetuity–no matter how many aggressions against across our region are committed, be it Syria or Iraq, Palestine, Lebanon or beyond; no matter how much spying is done on key US infrastructures; no matter how many Americans are killed, either at home on 9/11 or on a technical research ship called the USS Liberty in the eastern Mediterranean on June 8th, 1967. The US “Holocaust” Memorial Museum wants you to know, silly Goy, that ‘Israel’ is worth every drop of blood that America and Gentiledom have to offer. It’s worth nearly half a billion bucks, has an operating budget of 100 million dollars annually and in partnership with the ADL–Mossad’s fifth column in the US of A–brainwashes both state and federal law enforcement with “Holocaust” dogma so pigs (cops) of all stripes know how to spot, arrest and crack down upon those pesky “anti-Semites”.

Bankrolled to the teeth by a who’s who of ultra-Zionist “elites” like the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Foundation, billionaire Saw Mill Capital founder Howard D. Unger, the Goldsmith Family Foundation, the Lowenberg family (William J., a San Francisco real estate tycoon, helped construct the hasbara op from the ground up while serving on the American Jewish Committee and Jewish Agency, a central ‘Israeli’ ethnic cleansing apparatus), the Wexners, the Pritzkers, the Wilfs, the Adelsons, the Belfers, the Crowns, the Hillside Foundation (run by the Holts, who roll with the Carlyle Group, Friends of IOF and the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington), the Klarmans, the Marcus Foundation, the Lauder Foundation, the Sidewaters and it goes on to the point I could heave up food from five years ago that somehow didn’t make it through my digestive tract. Case in point is that this is not an unbiased institution solely with a “human rights” agenda. It is a group of Jewish-Zionist partisans with a Jewish-Zionist agenda and nobody receives an award from Parasites of this nature unless they’re serving a purpose. Simple and plain.

3) Elie Wiesel (L.A.) was a lying piece of shit. No, there’s really no reason to academically or intellectually sugarcoat the matter. There isn’t even the remotest need for the verbiage to be masked with flowery eloquence. It is what it is. Elie Wiesel was a lying piece of shit. And on top of being a lying piece of shit, he was also a vile, Islamophobic, Jewish supremacist warmonger at that. There wasn’t a single ‘Israeli’ massacre, war, destabilzation operation, act of terrorism, assassination or any other sort of skullduggery that he didn’t endorse with every fiber of his being. He defended the annihilation of Iraq and said it would “change the world”–yeah, for the benefit of the Zio-Tumor. He gleefully rubbed elbows with many an ‘Israeli’ war criminal, even writing a speech for baby-killer Ehud Olmert. His ‘greatest’ and most internationally recognized work, “Night”, is a work of pure, unadulterated fiction and is of such grandiose balderdash that it’s been taken to task for all its discrepancies, inconsistencies, plagiarisms and outright fabrications by one of his own, Naomi Seidman, a Jewish Studies Professor at the Graduate Theological Union in California’s Berkley.

He called the Palestinian Resistance “Molochites” and he championed Jewish expansionism. He saw Iran as an extension of “ancient, Amalekite” Persia, that’s why he wanted to see it destroyed and to achieve this aim, he threw his weight behind the Rafsanjaniist Green Movement “revolutionaries” who, on Mossad and CIA orders, destabilized Iran during the 2009 election. He openly admitted that he “cannot say bad things about Jews”, a surprisingly candid admission that explains in totality what his political positions were and why he was such a slithering “chosenite” devil. This is the man whose name is plastered on the award the White Helmets are receiving. Fitting, really.

4) Taking all of this into account as well as the White Helmets’ identity as a US-UK-Qatari-Soros-funded group that receives open assistance from the usurping Zionist entity and is comprised of Takfiri terrorist fanatics, it should be exceedingly unchallenging to analyze what this all amounts to: One super, SUPER Jewy affair in which Zionist Jews, under the cover of a Jewish-Zionist institution, hand out an award named after a dead-and-Jahannam-residing Jewish-Zionist liar to a terrorist group that has performed a wondrous service for the Halakhic-Talmudic “state” that’s actively attempting to eliminate all resistance to its Dajjalic project throughout the Arab and Islamic world, starting with Syria. “Human rights”, they say? More like human blights. As in T.H.E.Y. and their tools are blights on humanity.

You know who the US Holocult Museum would NEVER give such a “prestigious” award too? The ACTUAL Syrian Civil Defense which saves ACTUAL Syrian lives thrown into a tailspin, put in harm’s way and driven to the very brink of death by the usurping Zionist entity’s Takfiri proxies. Or moujahideen like Fatemiyoun Commander Saboor Mirzaei (R.A.), who was martyred earlier this year behind enemy lines on a rescue mission to retrieve the bodies of Syrian, Lebanese, Iranian, Iraqi, Afghani and Pakistani moujahideen killed by Al-Qaeda and ISIS–he performed hundreds of like-similar missions before his martyrdom. Know why these heroes don’t register on the Museum of Malevolence’s radar? Because they don’t serve the Zionist enemy. They fight, frustrate, infuriate and defeat the Zionist enemy. Irrefutable evidence of just how hypocritical and how big of a sham Satan’s “chosen” museum, its abominable award and next year’s recipients really are.

If, for some inconceivable reason, you still thought that the White Helmets weren’t utter lapdogs of World Zionism after the ‘Israeli’ evacuation debacle, you’ll need to be checked into the funny farm if you continue with that line of thinking after this little number. Once you’re knighted as cogs in the Holofraudster machine and treated like one of Zion’s “righteous Gentiles”–in other words, Shabbos Goyim of the utmost rank–you have arrived and so long as you keep your lips firmly pressed against the Gnarled Kosher Feet of the Empire, you’ll be in the Castles of Chaim and the Strongholds of Shlomo for the remainder of your servile days. Indeed, the White Helmets are all Zio, all day. And look at that, they even got the Elie Wiesel Award from the US “Holocaust” Memorial Museum to prove it! May the Syrian Arab Republic and its resistant people be free of this filth quicker than you can say “the Holocaust is the Holohoax” and “the White Helmets are terrorists”.

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