All Muslims And Moustazafeen Must Stand With The Anti-Zionist State Of The DPRK Against US-‘Israeli’ Aggression

by Jonathan Azaziah

Long live the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)! In the wake of the recent bellicosity against the Korean people by the Trump regime, all Muslims and Moustazafeen (oppressed people) generally should be standing with this frontline resistance state against any and all forms of aggression thrown at it by the American-‘Israeli’ Imperium. While the Zionist media will tell you that Kim Jong-un is a “mad dictator” who runs “slave labor camps” and that the DPRK itself is a “hermit kingdom” which “threatens global security”, such ignorant and baseless remarks are nothing but mere bursts of hasbara designed to obfuscate the roots of the “crisis” with the DPRK both past and present. The DPRK is nowhere near a dictatorship but a revolutionary socialist democracy which is led by the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) that has a membership of millions and which strives to implement its resistance project, the Democratic Front for the Reunification of the Fatherland (DFRF). Kim Jong-un is simply the leader of it. And while the WPK is certainly dominant, several parties work alongside it to govern the DPRK.

Nationally, the Supreme People’s Assembly handles day-to-day affairs in the country, makes regulations and oversees the smaller people’s assemblies that operate at the city, county and provincial levels. There’s virtually no crime, free education, free after-school activities from physical fitness to music, free health care, free housing and near-free transportation. So to refer to the DPRK just as “North Korea” is a to maliciously deny this revolutionary democracy and the historical bond between its leadership and its people. Hence why all Western regimes, media and pundits engage in this misnaming deliberately and incessantly.

The claim that the DPRK is running “slave labor camps” is Zioganda of the highest order and stems from a single man: Shin Dong-Hyuk. This charlatan was promoted by every NGO-Human-Rights-Industrial-Complex outfit under the sun, from Soros-funded Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to the Zionist-founded, Zionist-run NED and so many more. Dong-Hyuk had a biography written about him and even testified before the UN about how he fantastically escaped from a DPRK prison.

Fantastically is indeed the word because it has now been confirmed by Dong-Hyuk himself that he lied through his teeth from jump street and his hasbara-fantasy only grew with the promotion from the mass press. With Dong-Hyuk exposed and discredited, the Zionist media is now trotting out a new face for the relentless, ridiculous, worldwide anti-DPRK propaganda campaign: Hyeonseo Lee. Another liar of epic proportions. And guess who publishes her best-selling, propaganda-laced book, “The Girl With Seven Names”? None other than HarperCollins, the publishing wing of Chabadnik Rupert Murdoch’s neocon News Corp empire. This is but one facet of the war on the DPRK. Also, to be extraordinarily and unequivocally lucid, the DPRK is no “hermit kingdom” but a steadfast nation under full-blown siege by the REAL and GREATEST threat to global security: the American ZOG.

You see, the only reason why the DPRK has nuclear weapons is because it wants to be fully prepared to defend itself and its citizens with the utmost force in case of a repeat of what happened from 1950-1953. What exactly occurred during those years of carnage and horror you ask? That’s when the US regime dropped 635,000 tons of bombs, including 32,557 tons of napalm, on the Korean people. That’s well-over 130,000 more tons than the United Snakes of IsraHELL dropped in the whole Pacific sector of WW2. As unfathomable as this is however, it only gets worse. With that many bombs unleashed, one can at least attempt to imagine the destruction. All of Pyongyang, the DPRK’s capital, except for two modernized buildings, was reduced to rubble. All of it. 77 other cities and thousands of villages suffered the same fate. More than 8,700 factories, 5,000 schools, 1,000 hospitals and 600,000 homes were all eviscerated. Livestock, seeds and entire farms were burned to ash.

In one particularly infamous war crime, the US Air Force bombed five irrigation dams on the Yalu River, destroying the DPRK’s rice crop. Overall, Between 20-30% of the DPRK’s entire population was wiped out in the American aggression. Officially, at least three million Koreans were slaughtered, but there are other estimates that put the Korean martyr count at 8-9 million. To call this a genocide or an annihilation would be putting it with an insulting amount of mildness–more mild than unseasoned chicken cooked with no olive oil. Try to place yourselves in the Koreans’ shoes. If this is what you and your families faced, wouldn’t you want to find the biggest, baddest, most powerful deterrent that you could find to prevent this scale of devastation from ever occurring again?

No doubt that the American ZOG hates the fact that it has a defiant nuclear power to deal with in an ultra-strategic region of Asia where Russia and China have infinitely more sway than the Washington ZOG. But these critical notes of history, while essential for context, are not why the DPRK is under threat at this exact moment. That distinction falls to the cause of much pain and malevolence in our world today: the usurping Zionist entity. Verily, the recent flare-up between genocidal maniac Avigdor Lieberman and the DPRK–in which the ‘Israeli’ Defense Minister callled Kim Jong-un a “madman” in charge of a “crazy and radical group” which is “undermining global stability” and the DPRK responded by ripping into ‘Israel’ for its oppression of the Palestinian people and its possession of a vast illegal nuclear arsenal –is only scratching the surface.

Going back to the very founding of the DPRK, Kim Il-sung showed himself to be a staunch and principled Anti-Zionist, routinely referring to the ‘Israeli’ entity as a “tumor” and an “artificial implant” and a “satellite of Imperialism” in the Arab world. He routinely offered military and political support to the Palestinian people and during the ’73 war in which Syria was able to regain part of the occupied Golan Heights, DPRK pilots battled the ‘Israeli’ enemy’s warplanes in the skies of Cairo and DPRK military advisors were in the trenches with the Syrian Arab Army in Quneitra. In ’88, it became the DPRK’s official policy to reject the existence of the usurping Zionist regime and recognize every inch of Palestine as Palestine, no colonialist borders and partitions. One can easily understand this position considering the people of the DPRK remain painfully separated from their brethren in the south thanks to the criminal US war. Today, we see the DPRK going to every length to back the Syrian Arab Republic in its battle against the Zionist-spawned Takfiri menace and has helped Syria combat the US-EU-UN sanctions in many ways despite the fact that the DPRK itself is enduring the very same sanctions itself. The DPRK also routinely condemns the Zionist occupation of the Golan Heights and calls for its liberation.

During a meeting of the Workers’ Party of Korea on the development of the Nonaligned Movement in ’86, Kim Il-Sung spoke in no uncertain terms about ‘Israel’ and the evil it represents: “We must foil the expansionist, aggressive schemes of the Israeli Zionists. Zionism is a form of racism and colonialism. The aggressive, expansionist policy of the Israeli Zionists is the main factor obstructing the triumphant advance of the cause of national liberation in the Middle East. Without thwarting Israel’s aggressive schemes it would be impossible for the Middle-East countries to achieve their independence, territorial integrity and progress nor would it be possible to guarantee lasting world peace and security. The non-aligned countries must strongly denounce the criminal acts perpetrated by the Israeli Zionists in their opposition to the Arab people and in their efforts to destroy the liberation cause of the Palestinian people. They must continue to extend active support and solidarity to the Palestinian and Arab peoples in their just cause. They should regard the struggle of the Palestinian and other Arab people as their common cause and take strong joint action to reject Israel in the fields of diplomacy, economy, military affairs, culture and marine and air transport in accordance with the decision of the 7th Summit Conference of Non-aligned Nations. The just cause of the Palestinian and other Arab people for the restoration of land lost to them and of all the legitimate rights of Palestine, including the establishment of an independent country, must be accomplished. The Israeli Zionists must abandon their policy of expansion and annexation and withdraw from all the occupied Arab land immediately.”

It is because of this truly Anti-Zionist stance on the matter of Palestine that neocons the world over and especially those in the US policy-making establishment have no end to their calls for “regime change” in Pyongyang and have lumped it in with the “Islamic Axis of Evil” that stretches from Tehran to Damascus to Beirut to Gaza. The ultimate sin of the DPRK in this regard is its relationship with our Magnetic North, the Islamic Republic of Iran, which is the patron and guide to Anti-Zionist strugglers in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Yemen. When all the “big powers”, including the US and the Soviet Union, were lined up behind Saddam Hussein’s criminal aggression against Iran, an ill-advised invasion designed to crush the Islamic Revolution, the DPRK took a stance for the ages and stood firmly behind the Iranian Moustazafeen.

Indeed, Pyongyang was Iran’s central source for armaments during the war, with some 40% of Iran’s weapons coming from the DPRK. The intricate missile-making know-how of the DPRK was then passed to Iran and former DPRK Ambassador to Tehran Hung Son-Muk famously said, “We truly consider the advances and achievements of the revolutionary Iranian nation – under the slogans of independence, freedom, and Islamic Republic – as our own.” Iran and the DPRK hold a friendship week yearly. As Iran learned from the DPRK how to produce projects of its own, the DPRK learned from one of the Islamic Revolution’s chief ideologues, the great Iraqi martyr Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Baqir al-Sadr (R.A.) who wrote much of Iran’s revolutionary constitution, on cooperative farming. A bond of bonds and cooperation beyond cooperation!

While you wouldn’t know it from the surface, with Iran governing through Shi’a Islamic Liberation Theology and the DPRK governing through Juche, they both share a starkly similar worldview that sees the decadence of Western (Jewish) cultural imperialism as the primary threat to the peoples of the Global South. Both states view their morality and categorical disconnection from the sexualized, degenerate way of life found under the ZOGs of America and Europe as their primary tools of resistance to the hegemonic world system. As historian Issa Ardakani remarked, “the North Korean and Iranian revolutions reflect one another in that they both mark a complete transformation of their respective societies while also affirming and upholding certain long-held traditions and beliefs.” In other words, there is not only a political and military bond between the DPRK and the Islamic Republic of Iran in which they work together to upend Global Zionism for the benefits of their respective peoples and the Moustazafeen at large… There is also a spiritual alliance that cannot be shaken by the instruments of Zio-Imperialism. Certainly, this Iranian-DPRK brotherhood will not be broken. And history shows this to be true. The US ZOG and ‘Israel’ have tried, both directly and by proxy through their tool in South Korea, and all that has turned up is failure.

Thus, when the Trump regime sends its CIA Director Mike Pompeo to Seoul, moves a US aircraft carrier strike group into the Korean Peninsula and says that this colonialist armada can hit Pyongyang at any minute, ratchets up new economic sanctions on the Korean people and then, in typical Janus fashion, back-flips and says it would be an “honor” to meet Kim Jong-un as a means of lulling him and the DPRK into a false sense of security, know it is all for the benefit of the cancerous ‘Israeli’ entity which seeks to destroy every state and every individual that stands with Iran, Syria and the Palestinian cause.

AIPAC has been barking against the DPRK and putting legislation on the House and Senate floors for its congressional minions to push through for years and this time around with the Tangerine Terrorist in office is no different. It is not just preferable for Muslims and Moustazafeen to safeguard the DPRK, it is imperative. Just as Pyongyang defends Damascus, Tehran and the Palestinian struggle, we must defend the Korean people against this US-Zionist onslaught. And the truth is, from an Islamic Liberationist perspective, we actually have FAR more in common with the Korean people, their revolutionary way of life and their Anti-Zionist leadership than just about every “Muslim” state on Earth that has long sold out to the Empire. So we end as we began, and to hell with Supercilious Orange along with all his arrogant threats: Long live the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK)!

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