All Hail Sana’a Mehaidli, The Bride Of The South! 32 Years Later, Her Sacrifice Still Reminds Us What True Heroism Is

by Jonathan Azaziah

Kneel in respect before the Bride of the South! Princess of Purity and Matriarch of Mouqawamah! On this day 32 years ago, Sana’a Mehaidli became the first Lebanese woman and one of the very first Arab women to execute a martyrdom operation against the usurping ‘Israeli’ enemy. Born in the village of Ayoun right near Saida, she was only 17 years old at the time of her martyrdom. Do let her youth fool you though. She was a devoted member of the SSNP (Syrian Social Nationalist Party) and an eloquent, fiery and poetic Anti-Zionist who would’ve led her people to many a victory if she didn’t make the ultimate sacrifice. With no fear and nothing but the love of her country, our region and the Palestinian cause in her heart, she detonated a small vehicle loaded with explosive materials next to an ‘Israeli’ occupation checkpoint in Jezzine, a breathtakingly beautiful, mountain-and-forest-filled area of South Lebanon which had been putrefied by the Zionist occupiers. At least 2 ‘Israeli’ soldiers were sent to the hellfire and over 12 others were wounded in the blast. The biggest blow however was psychological, as she reminded the ‘Israeli’ demons that their demise could come at any place, at any time, from anyone and that this fate of theirs was etched in the stars.

What Sana’a Mehaidli, a heroine with the stature of Jabal Amel, the depth of Wadi al-Hujeir and the beauty of Naqoura, gave to the struggle of our people against the Jewish supremacist tumor is equivalent to what thunderstorms give to the neediest of flowers and trees. We have internalized the shine of her dauntless soul and transformed it into a blazing trail towards liberation. If the men of the GCC regimes, especially Saudi Arabia, had a thimble of her bravery, there would be no Imperialist presence in the land where Islam was born. If the men of Jordan had a pinch of her bravery, the Wadi Araba surrender treaty would have been torn up long ago. If the men of Egypt had her valor, the Camp David Accords would have been burned the moment that the traitor Sadat signed them. And if all the lazy, pathetic excuses for men in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon and elsewhere had just got off their asses and fought the way that Sana’a fought, like the Syrian Arab Army, the Iraqi Resistance, the Lebanese Islamic Resistance of Hizbullah and Yemen’s Ansarullah–all of whom honor her memory in spades–are fighting, the Arab-Islamic world simply would not be in the state of Zionized chaos it is today. Let’s not get it twisted for a moment either… Palestine indeed would be freed in its totality too.

Who needs “alpha males” when we have Sana’a?! Warrior Woman of Wonder. Female of Ferocity. Lady of Liberation. Dame of Defiance. Lebanese Lioness with a Roar of Resistance. I say it again: Kneel in respect before the Bride of the South! Princess of Purity and Matriarch of Mouqawamah! Rest in the sweetest serenity dearest sister. May your memory be a submachine gun firing at the enemy ’till ‘Israel’ ceases to be.

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