All Hail Ansarullah’s Ingenuity: New Zelzal-3 Ballistic Missile Is Crushing Saudi Forces

by Jonathan Azaziah

All hail the ingenuity of Ansarullah! This beautiful little baby right here is the Zelzal-3, the third and most powerful version of the homemade ballistic missile that the Yemeni Islamic Resistance has been unleashing on Saudi occupation forces since day one of the illegal aggression, along with the Striking Star, Qaher-1 and the Yemeni-reverse-engineered Toshka. Weighing in at a ton and clocking out at a range of 65 kilometers, not to mention an amazing damage accuracy of 300 meters, this latest model of the Zelzal has already been put to use with devastating effect. In the last 48 hours alone, Ansarullah has launched the Zelzal-3 at Shihat Military Camp in Jawf, Tadaween Military Camp at Ma’rib, Farza 9 Military Base also in Ma’rib and a gathering of enemy forces in the Kahboub region of Lahij. Glorious! Dozens of Saudi devils have been sent to Jahannam’s darkest pits, hundreds more have been wounded and scores of military vehicles and equipment pieces have been turned to dust by this wonderful projectile. Just glorious!

Couple the activation of the Zelzal-3 with the other major developments on the ground–major Mouqawamah advancements countrywide, Hadi-loyalists defecting to Ansarullah’s side in Sanaa and Saudi warplanes in such a disarray that they keep massacring their own proxies left and right–and what you have is nothing less than an invasion force in total free fall. Thanks to the Houthis’ steadfastness, faith, love of martyrdom, too-fly-for-the-sky battlefield genius and resourcefulness mixed with a little Iranian-transferred know-how, there isn’t a single thing that hasn’t gone wrong for the Dönmeh Saudi regime; indeed, it is defeated. And the only reason why the US-UK-Zionist-backed Wahhabi despots haven’t just called it a day and ended this charade is because they are prevented from doing so by their crypto-Jewish arrogance. So grab some Arabic bread and Za’atar y’all and enjoy the Saudis getting smashed up something fierce in the newest, most compelling installment of the Yemen vs. Empire saga yet: “When The Earthquake (Zelzal) Broke The Tyrants”. May Ansarullah’s indigenously-produced missiles keep rainin’ down right on top of the invaders’ heads in a–I know exactly what to call it–REAL “Decisive Storm”! ‪#‎LongLiveYemen‬ ‪#‎Zelzal3IsABeauty‬ ‪#‎LongLiveAnsarullah‬ ‪#‎DeathToSaud‬

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  1. Trying to do some research on Yemen/Houthi movement. Would you be interested in an interview?


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