After The Revocation Of Ayatollah Qassem’s Citizenship, Bahrainis Must Finally Take Up Arms

by Jonathan Azaziah

The Bahraini tyrants’ revocation of Ayatollah Issa al-Qassem’s citizenship needs to be seen in a greater historical context. Contrary to the deplorably sectarian statement released by the Khalifa regime’s Interior Ministry of Repression and Savagery, Bahrain’s highest-ranking spiritual authority was in fact born in the village of Diraz, just outside of Manama, and is thus as indigenous to Bahrain as the Dragon Blood Tree is indigenous to Yemen’s Socotra. The Khalifa despots on the other hand, like their toxic Wahhabi counterparts in Riyadh, are from Najd and have been ruling illegitimately over the Shi’a majority of the tiny Arab island for more than two centuries. Thus, they aren’t Bahraini and never have been.

With that said, as a means of protecting this fraudulent throne, there is no amount of barbarity that these monstrous, criminal, dictatorial maniacs haven’t engaged in to inflict pain on Bahrainis and this shouldn’t come across as a shock. Again, like their Saudi brethren, the Najdi Khalifas are darlings of ‘Israel’. Indeed, the Bahraini “King” even bragged about his closeness with the Mossad. And this Manama-“Tel Aviv” alliance is reflected in the crimes committed: Home demolitions, destruction and desecration of sanctities including mosques, tear gas assaults, deadly shootings of unarmed civilians, rapes and other forms of sexual violence, deportations of citizens from the Shi’a majority and then the settlement of foreigners (“Sunnis” of Iraqi, Pakistani and Najdi origin) in their place on confiscated lands, home invasions, arbitrary arrests, torture, and now, revoking the citizenship of anyone who opposes the regime including an elderly cleric who is the spiritual guide to all Bahraini Shi’a and well-respected throughout the Arab-Islamic world. Sounds like Palestine, doesn’t it?! It’s simply beyond egregious. But don’t think that this is a new phenomenon that emerged as some sort of errant current from the “Arab Spring” PSYOP. No. Bahrainis have nothing to do with the “Arab Spring”. They’ve been rebelling against Al-Khalifa’s brutality and alien rule for decades upon decades upon decades upon… Well. You get the picture.

And speaking of pictures, this overview brings us to the BIG, nay, the BIGGEST picture. The corrupted move against Ayatollah Issa al-Qassem, not to mention the banning of Al-Wefaq–Bahrain’s largest political party, not merely “the opposition” as it is called in the Zionist-controlled MSM–and the despicable imprisonment of Sheikh Ali Salman, who Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah has repeatedly saluted and demanded to be freed, assuredly will not be the last crimes of Al-Khalifa, a fact upheld by its 233 years of tyranny that is maintained today with American, British and ‘Israeli’ support. When will the atrocities and the oppression stop? When? The “freedom and democracy” model has failed. The “peaceful” activism upheld by the likes of the Khawaja family (Maryam, Zaynab, Abdul Hadi, etc.) and Nabeel Rajab, who, in my view, despite their very real tribulations, flirt WAY too much with the Western NGO-Human-Rights-Industrial Complex, has also failed. And clearly, clearer than the gorgeous waters washing up on Bahrain’s beaches, this is because Najdis don’t understand the language of peace. If the Bahrainis truly want an end to their suffering, and undoubtedly they do, a shift in strategic vision is immensely needed.

For such a change, they should look no further than their Omani cousins who engaged in one of the most epic and perhaps most forgotten struggles in Global South/Arab-Islamic History. In 1962, the righteous, resistant, gallant people of Dhofar inaugurated the Dhofar Liberation Front which would by 1968 become PFLOAG, the Popular Front For The Liberation Of The Arabian Gulf. An infusion of Islamic Liberationism and Socialism, and backed at various points by Nasser, South Yemen, the PFLP and China, PFLOAG led an armed revolution against the British-protected Sultanate and liberated entire provinces of Oman in the mere span of a few years and were on their way to organically deposing the tyrant Said bin Taimur. Thousands of martyrs were given in this battle. But then the British swooped in and carried out a coup in 1970, installing Said’s son Qaboos as his replacement to rule Muscat. Qaboos, a total Anglophile, allowed the Rothschild-financed Brits to fully take over military operations and also called in help from that notorious devil Muhammad Reza Pahlavi aka the Shah of Iran, and by 1976, the Dhofar Rebellion of PFLOAG had been crushed by the UK-led counterrevolution. Nevertheless, this was the closest that any people in the Khaleej had ever come to putting an end to Zionist-Imperialist-backed absolute monarchy. It’s a portion of our history that needs to be reflected on over and over again so the triumphs are internalized and the mistakes are understood for the sake of them not being repeated.

While PFLOAG ultimately ended up alone in its fight, Bahrain is in no such boat. The Islamic Republic of Iran, Hizbullah, Yemen’s Ansarullah and PFLOAG’s old ally the PFLP have all voiced their support for the Bahraini people’s peaceful struggle. If they decide to adopt the PFLOAG project, Bahrainis can most certainly expect that such support will not change and because of Hizbullah and Tehran’s ideological, doctrinal, Islamic commitment to aiding oppressed Muslims anywhere in the world, that support may even become direct if Al-Khalifa wages a war on its population similar to what the US-‘Israeli’-Saudi Axis of Evil has done to Yemen, Iraq and Syria. Bahrainis have been afflicted enough. It’s time they take back their country and treat the Khalifas like what these demons REALLY are: invaders, usurpers and interlopers. May Ayatollah Issa al-Qassem have justice! And may the unspeakable offense committed against him be the last straw that finally breaks the Najdi camel’s back! Insha’ALLAH! ‪#‎DeathToKhalifa‬ ‪#‎LongLiveBahrain‬ ‪#‎DeathToSaud

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