Absolutely disgusting: Muslim nations to attend Israeli weapons expo

(EDITOR’S NOTE: Seeing two Muslim powerhouses like Malaysia — once led by the fiery, brilliant, anti-Jewish-supremacist Dr. Mahathir Mohamad — and the Indonesian state — founded by legendary revolutionary and anti-colonialist hero Sukarno — partake in a weapons conference in occupied Palestine hosted by the genocidal “Israeli” regime and its security apparatuses, is, for all intents and purposes, viscerally emetic. It is not difficult to understand why “the Ummah” is in the state that it is in when you have Islamic nations openly playing footsie with the shaytanic occupier of Al-Quds and there isn’t a single protest to speak of, neither in Jakarta or Kuala Lumpur. And the fact that Azerbaijan is involved isn’t a shock by any means, nor is it worth a comment… Baku has been in the pay of the Zionists for quite some time and has even offered the illegitimate Jewish gangster regime its airspace to attack the Islamic Republic of Iran. Shukr’ALLAH for Hizbullah, Iran, Syria, the Palestinian Resistance, Algeria and Yemen’s Houthis, for without them, the tyranny-defying legacy of the Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W.W.), the Imams (A.S.), the righteous Companions (R.A.), the Saints (R.A.) and hope itself would have evaporated in the Islamic world a long, long time ago. ~ Jonathan Azaziah)

by Itamar Eichner, Ynet

After its impressive performance throughout Operation Protective Edge, the Iron Dome missile defense system will be showcased front and center at the third Homeland Security convention to be held next week in Tel Aviv.

The large conference will be attended by dozens of defense, interior, and internal security ministers, 35 police chiefs, and the heads of intelligence agencies from across the world – including from certain countries that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel.

The four-day convention was initiated and organized by the Israel Export Institute in cooperation with the economy ministry, foreign ministry, the defense ministry’s International Defense Cooperation authority, the internal security ministry, the Israel Police, and the Prime Minister’s Office’s National Cyber Bureau.

The aim of the conference is to showcase Israeli capabilities in the central components of homeland security: intelligence, counter-terror and crime-prevention, crisis management and prep, infrastructure defense, and cyber-defense.

The exposition will be attended by 13 senior security ministers from India, Azerbaijan, Vietnam, Spain, the Czech Republic, and six African nations. The heads of European foreign and domestic intelligence agencies are also expected as are several representatives from countries which do not maintain diplomatic ties with Israel, like Indonesia and Malaysia.

The visitors will hold arranged meetings with Israeli firms and tour a professional exposition where creative new security solutions from more than 90 companies will be on display.

Among the firms participating in the convention are internationally-recognized contractors like the Israeli Aerospace Industries, Rafael, and Elbit Systems, as well as lesser-known players in the industry like Verint, Magal Security Systems, X-Test, Mer Group Security Division, and others.

Governmental agencies like the internal security ministry, Israel Police, the Shin Bet, and the Israel Fire & Rescue Services will also showcase their latest wares.

The chairman of the Israel Export Institute, Ramzi Gabbay, said that in 2013 worldwide investments in homeland security totaled some $215 billion, though the figure is expected to reach $344 billion within the next eight years.

“The extent of Israeli firms’ export in the sector stands at $1.2 billion. In recent years we have witnessed growth in the cyber-security sector due to the hundreds of start-ups which have provided creative, varied solutions. According to our estimates the Israeli cyber-export market reached $2.5 billion in 2013,” said Gabbay.

“The aim of the exposition is to continue to establish Israel’s position as a leading global brand in homeland security, both technologically and operationally, while emphasizing Israeli capabilities and experiences accrued through our coping with a plethora of threats,” he added.

Jonathan Peled, the director of the economic unit in the foreign ministry, said that there was a special emphasis on opening up the Israeli firms to new markets, achieved by inviting new visitors from Africa.

“This conference has become a brand name globally in the homeland security sector,” he noted.

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