A Special Stab At Saudi Arabia On Imam al-Mahdi’s (A.S.) Birthday Today

by Jonathan Azaziah

Happy birthday to the Imam Of The Age (A.S.)! Imam al-Zaman, Imam al-Asr, Imam al-Qa’im, Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.)! Just as the ancient soils of Iraq and Syria are perfectly fertile for the planting of crops needed to nourish our bodies, it is the duty of every Muslim to make the proverbial earth fertile for the planting of revolutionary seeds needed to nourish The Ummah so we can expedite the return of our Imam (A.S.)! As Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Khamenei reminds us of constantly, fighting oppression and getting hidden truths out to the masses are obligatory acts that cannot be separated from our other duties as Muslims. On that note, as Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Hussein Fadlallah (R.A.) famously put forth, fighting the usurping Zionist entity, in this day and time, is as important as prayers and fasting, if not more so. Simply put, being a Muslim in this epoch, which is currently governed by the Jewish-Zionist system of Dajjal, is not complete unless we are actively resisting those who are trying to destroy our religion and our people, i.e. the Empire of Zion and its minions. At the center of our struggle is the remembrance that every act of Mouqawamah, every idol torn down, every evil and criminal power structure brought to light, every instance in which we uplift the people of the Global South and ALL THOSE who are suffering, is a step closer to the Imam’s (A.S.) return and implementation of triumphant justice on Earth.

A special shoutout on this most special day goes to the Saudi “royals” who are perturbed by the centrality of Imam al-Mahdi (A.S.) to the Mouqawamist-Revolutionary ideology of the Islamic Republic of Iran. You Wahhabi filth-buckets, who have, with your hostility to the Imam (A.S.), revealed that you are not Muslims but something of a more… let’s say… sons-of-apes-and-pigs kinda variety, are a disgrace in every sense of the word and there will not be any rest until your illegitimate rule is toppled and the Hijaz is freed from your despotism. You dare even utter Iran’s name as you walk through golden palaces and stuff yourselves silly while you starve Yemen and collude with the Zionist enemy jailing our hunger striking Palestinian brothers! You are DISGUSTING! Let the following six words sink in and burn you down to your dark, demonic, Dönmeh cores: Labaykah Ya Mahdi! Ya Mahdi Adrikna!!

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