A Merry Mouqawamist Christmas To Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Occupied Palestine And Anti-Zionists Worldwide!

by Jonathan Azaziah

A Merry Mouqawamist Christmas to all! Sitting atop the list for Christmas greetings is definitely the Syrian Arab Republic, which is seeing celebrations of Jesus Christ’s (A.S.) birth in its second city Aleppo for the first time in almost five years. If it wasn’t for the Syrian Arab Army, Hizbullah and their allies, Halab would still be stuck suffering under Zio-Imperialist-backed Al-Qaeda goons for only ALLAH (SWT) knows how long. Blessings to the Christians of Lebanon, who celebrate Christmas today because Hizbullah saved their nation from the Takfiris’ designs with its decisive intervention on the Syrian front. Of course, special holiday wishes for the homeland, beautiful, electric, ancient Mesopotamia, especially to the Assyrian Christians in and around Mosul who are celebrating ‘Isa al-Masih’s (A.S.) born-day for the first time in over two years. And it’s all thanks to the Iraqi Islamic Resistance. Prayers are needed for the Christians of the Islamic Republic of Iran, who are celebrating under the full protection of the Islamic Revolution, with moujahideen from the Basij and the Revolutionary Guard Corps watching over Christmas processions across the country, particularly in Tehran. You won’t see ANYTHING of the sort in that backwards, hateful, British-birthed monstrosity known as Saudi Arabia.

A Striking Star Salute to the Nigerian Christians who have stood with the Islamic Movement of Nigeria since last December’s Zaria Massacre. Even in the days leading up to their most sanctified occasion, they are on the streets with their Shi’a Muslim brethren to march and protest for Sheikh Ibrahim Yaqoub al-Zakzaky’s High-Court-mandated release. And last, but certainly not least, the Merriest Christmas to the Palestinian people, who endure yet another year under Zionist occupation. Siege in Gaza, cultural genocide imposed on Nasira (Nazareth) and Al-Jalil (Galilee), expansion of the Judaic Hate-Wall through Bayt al-Laham (Bethlehem) and the growth of the hideous settlements in holy Al-Quds. So much of Jesus’s (A.S.) personal history and Christian as well as Arab history as a whole under threat. But still, Palestinians, history’s most steadfast, resist and celebrate any way they can, much to the chagrin of the enemy entity.

For Christmas 2016, let us not forget that Jesus Christ (A.S.) was a revolutionary first and foremost. Not a political one as many a “leftist” would have us believe but a spiritual one. He rose up against the Zionists of his time, the Parushim (Pharisees), who changed money, wielded immense political power and were so arrogant that they thought they could override Divine Law. Sound familiar? It is no coincidence that a Jewish secret society which was behind the scenes during the years of WW1 and WW2 and had a hand in shaping world events was also known as the Parushim. Christ (A.S.) fought these shaytanic parasites until they conspired to have him killed. He spoke of peace, love and universal brotherhood. But when things reached a breaking point, he had no issue with marching into a house of worship which had been converted into a banking house by the Pharisees and rebuking them with force.

Just as Jesus (A.S.) feared nobody but ALLAH (SWT) and fiercely spoke truth to the Jewish Power Configuration even with his life on the line, we must do the same if Pharisaic rule is to be defeated. Expose them. Condemn them. Turn the tables on them like Al-Masih (A.S.) did in the temple. And when that day comes, that of total global freedom, it won’t just be a Merry Christmas for Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Iran, Nigeria and precious Palestine, but all of humanity. Merry Christmas again to the aforesaid nations of the Resistance Axis; to Muslims, Christians and all justice-loving humans who venerate Christ (A.S.) and everything that he stood for; and to Anti-Zionists worldwide who carry on his legacy in the face of the most powerful incarnation of the Parushim we have ever seen. The oppressors may be strong but they sure as hell ain’t Invincible. Syria and its allies have recently proven that in spades. This year in liberated Aleppo. Next year in a liberated Bethlehem, Nazareth, Galilee and Jerusalem.

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