A Hizbullah Marriage: Resistance Is Love And Love Is Resistance

by Jonathan Azaziah

Nobody does Resistance and Revolution like Hizbullah, so of course, since a true revolutionary is one guided by a great feeling of Love as Che Guevara said, nobody is going to do True Love like the Party of ALLAH (SWT) either. Say salaam to Lebanese Islamic Resistance moujahid Ali Mahmoud Yassin and his wonderful bride Dana Roumani. These two Hizbullahi Lovebirds, who have been together for 6 years, planned to tie the knot at Ramadan’s end, but then, in the midst of going toe-to-toe with the Takfiri terrorist virus in the southern Aleppo countryside, Ali was severely wounded and unfortunately had to have one of his legs amputated. But because this is the Culture of Resistance that we’re talking about here, the marriage was not cancelled! No! Instead, it was sped up! Dana’s father urged that they wed immediately and that’s exactly what they did yesterday in the hospital. Masha’ALLAH! Not even Tawfiq Ziad, Mahmoud Darwish, Samih al-Qasim, Ghassan Kanafani, Pablo Neruda or even Nizar Qabbani could’ve written a more inspiring Mouqawamist romance!

It is events like this that reinforce our hope in the face of Takfirism. Indeed, the reason why Takfirism was unleashed on the Arab-Islamic world was to make it weak and drain it of its humanity, the pinnacle of which is Love. The Takfiris and their Zionist creators sought (and keep seeking) to make the peoples of our region dejected, hopeless, passionless and so broken that they are spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically unable to fall in Love. Essentially, what our enemies want is widespread, all-engulfing Nihilism. So to REJECT that, to live, to have faith, to strive, to fight for a cause as righteous as Hizbullah’s, to put your existence on the line and to LOVE, get engaged and marry in defiance of terrorism, occupation and war, is Resistance at a level that transcends all previously transcended heights. Hubb (Love) is Mouqawamah (Resistance) and Mouqawamah is Hubb.

Ahmad Qassir’s martyrdom operation was LOVE. Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s son Hadi giving his life alongside his fellow moujahideen on the battlefield was LOVE. Warrior-Angel Ali “Bilal” Saleh sustaining fatal wounds as he won the battle of Wadi al-Hujeir with his legendary single-handed annihilation of the Zionists’ “invincible” Merkava tank myth was LOVE. Hajj Moustafa “Sayyed Zulfiqar” Badreddine going to the Syrian arena to be side-by-side with his men in the fight against the Takfiris despite Nasrallah requesting him to commandeer operations from Beirut was LOVE. Every act of heroism, every sacrifice, every triumph achieved by Hizbullah has been (and continues to be) LOVE. And in that spirit of symbiosis between Resistance and Love, the marriage of Ali Mahmoud Yassin and Dana Roumani is not only the most gorgeous exemplification of the ultimate connection between man and woman, but also the latest of Hizbullah’s victories in a miraculous 34-year history filled to the brim with them. I could go on, but the sui generis beauty of the Lebanese Islamic Resistance truly speaks for itself.

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