9/11 Ten Years On: There are No Excuses for Buying the Myth

Originally posted 10th September 2011.

New York City, New York. On September 8, 2011 – three days before the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, the Department of Homeland Security issued a statement warning of a ‘credible, specific, but unconfirmed‘ terror threat in New York City and Washington DC. Most obviously, a terror threat that is at once credible and specific, and yet is unconfirmed, is self-evidently contrived.

Keeping true to the decade-long history of scaremongering based on the mythical ‘war on terror’ narrative, the al Qaeda ghost has been recruited again, as has the fantasy of the bin Laden raid of May 01. We are told that the ‘threat’ emanates from Pakistan (as predictable as the clumsiest of scripts), and is as a result of the killing of long-dead Osama bin Laden – an event so obviously staged it makes one question the mental health of any person subscribing to the myth.

The staunchly pro-Israel New York Times is running the most vile, racist scaremongering propaganda one could imagine. Short on specific details of course, but heavy on racist, vague alarmism. The paper warns of two “American citizens of Arab ancestry” who are both between 5 and 6 feet tall, one of whom has a first name that is common in the Middle East.

Owing to this tide of fearmongering and hateful rhetoric, there is now an escalated police presence in Manhattan, with police officers carrying M16 rifles. Police checkpoints stop vehicles in rush hour. A 3,000-flag memorial in Battery Park. Tearful Americans pay their respects; the emotion and the fear is palpable. Never Forget.

‘Never Question’ is the true underlying meaning of this emotive, Orwellian motto that has been seared into the American psyche like brands on the hides of cattle.

Rational thought has been obliterated by emotion, fear, and psuedo-patriotic jingoism. The ‘Never Forget’ mantra, and the flags and plaques in Manhattan attest to the exceptionalism of ‘American suffering’, a concept so disingenuous it makes any honest, aware person sick to their stomach. Every shade of human life, from America to Afghanistan, and from Iraq to Libya, is precious. But the tears shed at Ground Zero are not rooted in universal compassion; they are rooted in a grotesque sense of false victimhood and superiority, and a resounding ignorance of the most important event of this generation.

The emotion, fevered patriotism, jingoism, racism, and fear. The Manichean myth of good versus evil and America’s unique role in it. These are the metaphorical strands of wool that are weaved tightly together and hauled over America’s eyes, shielding the lies from scrutiny and keeping the truth shrouded in darkness. The truth is not palatable to those who believe in the inherent goodness of their leaders and their supposed allies. If the Iraqi and Afghani victims of 9/11 were honoured, flags would cover every square inch of Manhattan and more.

Alas, it is important that Americans be distracted. They must be kept in an emotional haze, deterred from questioning the official account, because even the most cursory inspection exposes it for the monstrous lie that it is.

The official narrative is so bizarre and fantastical, it is an absolute wonder that so many fail to question it. The most basic, central elements of the story stretch even the most childish imagination. The laws of physics, immutable as they are, are the arch enemy of this fantasy. In this ‘idiot’s guide’ of sorts, I will focus mainly on the events in New York, in spite of the reams of lies and contradictions relating to all events that day. The events in New York City comprise by far the most obvious ‘smoking gun’, and I hope that the reader will be spurred to perform their own objective research.

The official myth

What are the chances of the world’s most advanced military infrastructure being thwarted by ‘camel jockeys’ who could not even fly small Cessna-type private aircraft? NORAD – the body responsible for America’s airspace defense – is hugely adept and experienced at intercepting hijacked aircraft. Still, it was thwarted by men using not technological weaponry or physical sabotage, but nothing more than box cutters.

Aside from the inexplicable failure of America’s air defenses and the Pentagon’s unrivalled military defense system, what are the chances of these inept and inexperienced amateurs stepping into the cockpits of gargantuan, advanced commercial jet aircraft for the first time, only to slam at high speed into their respective targets with clinical precision?

What are the chances of jet fuel melting steel into a liquid – a scientific impossibility? What are the chances of steel-framed skyscrapers disintegrating into dust in their entirety due to localised fire and damage – yet another physical impossibility?

What is the probability of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon and leaving no physical evidence? What is the chance of Flight 77 hitting the Pentagon – the most guarded structure in the world, covered by a no-fly zone and anti-aircraft missile batteries – at all? Flight 93’s ‘crash’ in Pennsylvania stays firmly within this realm of fantasy. Not a single aspect of the official narrative can stand up to scrutiny.

The Controlled Demolition of the World Trade Center

At 08:46 on the morning of September 11, 2001, American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center complex. At 09:03, United Airlines Flight 175 impacted the South Tower. At 09:59 the South Tower underwent a global, immediate disintegration wherein violent explosions reduced the entirety of the 110-storey steel-framed structure to nothing but dust in under ten seconds – the approximate time it would take a solid object to fall the equivalent height in a vacuum. The North Tower was to undergo a ‘collapse’ in an identical fashion at 10:28.

The two 110-floor steel-framed Twin Towers each contained forty-seven steel columns that ran through the structures like a series of spines. Not only were these gigantic steel columns sheared and broken down from top to bottom, but the entirety of the concrete, masonry, and building materials contained within the towers were reduced to dust in violent explosions. This is impossible as a result of a gravity-driven collapse caused by localised aircraft impact and the resulting fires.

The true nature of the ‘collapse’ of the World Trade Center towers is revealed in the presence of molten steel underneath both sites. We are not talking about steel heated to the point of weakness; we are talking about steel being converted into a liquid. Steel melts at approximately 1,500 degrees C (or approximately 2,700 degrees F). Even under optimum conditions and given all the time in the world, it is scientifically impossible for jet fuel to melt steel, as jet fuel burns at approximately 280 degrees C (or 550 degrees F).

Indeed firefighters and first responders have witnessed molten steel at the sites.

This video is also instructive. NIST engineer John Gross desperately tries to deny the presence of molten steel when told of witness tesimonies together with NASA thermal imaging photography that demonstrates the intense heat present at Ground Zero weeks after the event.

The third skyscraper to collapse at freefall speed that day was World Trade Center 7. WTC-7 was not hit by a plane, and yet it fell in an identical fashion to the two towers: freefall, through the path of greatest resistance, and exhibiting all of the telltale signs of controlled demolition including multiple explosions before and during ‘collapse’.

Suggesting foreknowledge, the BBC reported the fall of building 7 twenty minutes before it had even happened, at which time they promptly cut their news report.

Countless eyewitnesses have testified to explosions in the WTC buildings even before the impact of the planes, and nowhere near the impact points of the planes, including the basement levels.

Why have these testimonies not seen the light of day since the events ten years ago?

It is painfully obvious that the three towers were demolished with explosives. No rational adult can disagree with this in light of the evidence. ‘Al Qaeda’ could not possibly have rigged the towers with explosives for a controlled demolition. Not only would this require technology and expertise that is far beyond their capability, but it would require unfettered access to the high-security buildings beforehand – something which could only be attained with official complicity.

Following this line of inquiry, a rational person will conclude that the same party that planted the explosives, also flew the jets into the targets; even if it was known that ‘al Qaeda’ was planning to fly jets into those targets, it was simply not guaranteed that they would pull it off and indeed it was extremely unlikely given their extreme piloting inexperience. This left the possibility of one or more towers being rigged with explosives from top to bottom, without a plane having hit and therefore no basis on which to demolish the structures.

This seems to be precisely what happened to WTC-7. Flight 93 was destined for this structure, but it was shot down over Shanksville before it could reach its target. As a result they had to ‘pull’ building 7 and simply use the excuse of ‘fire’ to explain this staggering event.

This is why WTC-7 has already been rebuilt and recommissioned with practically zero press attention; they wish to remove this event from history altogether.

For answers we must look to ardent Zionist and Rabbi Dov Zackheim, then Comptroller of the Pentagon under Bush. From 1987 – 2001 he was CEO of Systems Planning Corporation – a company making advanced aviation systems one of which was the Flight Termination System, used for remote piloting large jet aircraft.

Owing to media censorship by omission, staggering numbers of people continue to accept the official account of the 9/11 terror attacks whether relating to the events in New York, at the Pentagon, or in Shanksville.

Following is live TV coverage of the ‘crash’ of Flight 93. Witnesses tell of no debris that could identify a plane crash, nothing larger than a phone book, and debris that is spread over an area of many miles. None of this is consistent with a plane crash. Again, this has not been mentioned on a single mainstream news outlet since that day.

Aside from the overtly obvious cover-up of the events in New York and Shanksville, the FBI refuses to release its 80 videos showing what really hit the Pentagon. No physical evidence of Flight 77 having hit it exists, and it’s downright embarrassing to think that so many believe a commercial airliner could have simply flown into the most guarded military structure on the planet.

Contrary to prescribed opinion, Osama bin Laden did not claim responsibility for the attacks; he outright denied it a mere two weeks afterwards. Three months later the CIA asset would be dead, leaving the way clear for the media manipulation that would ensure the al Qaeda apparition was alive and well.

If the real perpetrators of 9/11 were identified to indignant Americans, righteous tears of bereavement would morph into tears of uncontainable rage. Congress would be purged, government would be dissolved from top to bottom, and the $3bn in annual aid to the Zionist entity would be halted in the blink of an eye. 3,000 innocents died on 9/11. Ten years on and millions are dead, maimed, orphaned, displaced, tortured, humiliated, and subjugated as a direct result of the Zionist ‘War on Terror’. We all must stand up and be counted, there really are no excuses for continuing to buy this abominable lie.

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