8-8-16 Quetta Atrocity: Another Crime Of The Mossad-RAW-CIA Dragon Policy

by Jonathan Azaziah

Whole world might not give a f*** about the 125 innocents who were martyred in a monstrous bombing attack yesterday in Pakistan’s Quetta, but I damn sure do. Al-Fatiha for the fallen. And death to RAW, Mossad, the CIA and their TTP/Daesh tools for this cowardly, barbaric crime. All analysis on terrorism occurring throughout numerous Pakistani regions from Balochistan to Karachi to Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and everywhere in between that doesn’t speak about the Dragon Policy is analysis that isn’t worth the proverbial paper it’s written on. Because long before there was Takfiri terrorism inflicting Syria, Iraq, Yemen and elsewhere in the Arab-Islamic world, Pakistan was suffering at the hands of Wahhabi-Deobandi mercenaries unleashed on its people–all of its people, Pashtuns, Balochs, Hazaras, Punjabis, etc. ethnically speaking and Sunnis, Shi’a, Sufis, Christians, etc. religiously speaking–by the intelligence services of ‘Israel’, New Delhi and America.

The Dragon Policy was the brainchild of the usurping Zionist entity, created in partnership with the Hindutvadi Indian regime, and its primary reason for being birthed mere weeks after the Mossad false flag attack on 9/11 was to trigger violent chaos across Pakistani society via the fomentation of ethno-sectarian division as well as the crippling of every sector of Pakistan’s intelligentsia. The fact there were lawyers, doctors and journalists murdered in yesterday’s attack at the Quetta hospital is a blatant indication that it was indeed the Dragon Policy at work. Ultimately, the goal of this Zionist-Hindutvadi-fueled terrorism, which has killed and wounded close to 150,000 Pakistanis since 2001, is to balkanize Pakistan as per the objectives of the Oded Yinon plan and de-nuclearize the state so India ascends to the position of the Southeast Asia Subcontinent’s lone nuclear power and undisputed “hegemon”.

The Quetta horror was also plotted and executed to deflect Pakistani attention off the ongoing massacre in occupied Kashmir–a classic ‘Israeli’ tactic. Before the blood of the martyrs even began to be wiped from the ravaged hospital walls, numerous Pakistani House Muslim commentators and “analysts”, all of whom are either paid agents of RAW or Mossad, began to lash out at the Pakistani people for giving far too much of their time to Kashmir instead of focusing on terrorism at home. This is reminiscent of the goals Empire Judaica hoped to achieve with the “Arab Spring”: Keep all the Arab states so riddled with internal strife that the Palestinian cause not only becomes secondary but a burden to be cast aside. India and its ‘Israeli’-American masters would want nothing more than the Pakistani people to distance themselves from the Kashmiri struggle and follow the path set by the treacherous, corrupt, collaborationist regime that rules over them in Islamabad–that of betrayal and abandonment.

Fifteen years of Dragon Policy terrorism has not broken the spirit of the Pakistani people however, and one bombing, despite its magnitude and brutality, isn’t going to brainwash them into forgetting about Kashmir like it’s some kind of political bargaining chip and not the backbone, heart and soul of their identity. The arrogance of the Hindu supremacist and Jewish supremacist regimes is vaster than previously conceived if they actually thought this to be the case.  There will be freedom in Kashmir. And the Dragon Policy will be defeated in Pakistan, whether the enemies of humanity like it or not. So let these Hindutvadis, these Zionists and these CIA demons bask in the blood of the innocent for now because it’s only temporary. Soon, that very same blood is going to be the reason that Zionism, its American attack dog and Hindutva all drown. RIP once again to the Quetta martyrs and Striking Star Salute to the wounded as well as their steadfast families.

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