51 Little Coffins: Massive Funeral Procession In Yemen For The Saada School Bus Massacre Martyrs

by Jonathan Azaziah

51 little coffins. 51 more reasons why the House of Saud should cease to exist. A beloved Yemeni brother of mine told me earlier that he hates the very thought of it so much that it’s hard for him to deal with emotionally so he just blocks it out instead. Another dear Yemeni friend said that the sheer sight has made him so physically sick that he hasn’t been able to keep his food down since Monday and is running strictly on water just to get by. I’m right there with them. It’s excruciating and unfathomable. 51 little coffins for 51 little children that the people of Yemen buried 48 hours ago in Saada following Saudi Arabia’s utterly shaytanic bombing of a school bus passing through a market last week in the Zaydi holy city of Dahyan. The atrocity was committed with American weapons, American intelligence and American logistics. The filthy Brits and even filthier ‘Israelis’ were part of the crime against humanity too.

So many kids. So many stories. So many grieving families. The House of Saud, the Nahyans and Maktoums of the UAE, the Khalifas of Bahrain, the Sabah clan of Kuwait, the sellout nations of Sudan and Eritrea, the traitor Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi and all those who serve him… No matter how much they plead for forgiveness, no matter how much remorse they express on Judgment Day… Hellfire is their destiny. Both physically and ethereally, they will never be able to live down what they did to the Saada School Bus Martyrs. Never. And neither will the miserably silent world that watched on and continues to watch as Yemeni children bleed and starve.

Don’t ever lose sight of the fact though that this is Yemen. The Land Where Kings Kneel. The Land Where The People Are Harder And Taller Than The Sarawat Mountains. And these Lions From The Highlands don’t do “victimhood” very well at all. Over a million Yemenis from Saada itself, Sanaa, Ibb, Jawf, Hajjah and elsewhere poured into the streets for the funeral procession of the Saada School Bus Massacre Martyrs on Monday, chanting “Death to Al-Saud!”, “Death to America!” and “Death to ‘Israel’!” Images of the children murdered by the US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed Saudi-UAE coalition of cowards were hoisted high along with Ansarullah’s righteous Standard and art depicting the Washington, London and Riyadh ZOGs for the bloodthirsty monsters that they are. 51 little coffins. 51 conflagrations of incandescent, ever-burning, resistant rage.

Supreme Revolutionary Committee chief Muhammad Ali al-Houthi, who was present along with dozens of other Ansarullah moujahideen, Yemeni Armed Forces officials, activists, poets, religious scholars and other prominent members of Yemeni society, fired shot after shot at Al-Saud and the US State Dept for cosigning the Wahhabi tyrants’ eliminationist plot. He invoked the horrible genocide the American regime inflicted on the Japanese people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, drawing comparisons between the martyrs of Japan and those of Yemen and laying the blame squarely at the feet of the White(-and-blue-six-pointed-starred) House. As heartrending as the whole scene was, it was that much more defiant and then some. As heartbroken as all the families were… and are… they were that much more undeterred and twice that. As much sadness as there was pulsating in the air, what was beating with triple the strength  was the call for even more vengeance on the Saudi demons than what had struck them with fierce force already.

Long after we’re gone. And our children are gone. And their children’s children’s grandchildren are gone… The stories of Yemen and its heroic guardians — notably the Houthiyeen — will endure. In English and the Mother Tongue (Arabic), in Farsi and Urdu, in Spanish and Italian, in Pashto, Aramaic and all of Earth’s languages. Humanity will know Yemeni courage; Yemeni resilience; Yemeni victory. Nothing ever like it before in about a dozen millennia of mankind’s history. 51 little coffins. 51 little Shouhada. 51 more reasons why the House of Saud, the usurping Zionist entity and the sanguinary US regime should crumble. And 51 proofs that if you’re not demanding justice for Yemen… There is something profoundly distorted and unfixable in your soul. ALLAH’s (SWT) peace, mercy and sustenance to the Martyrs.

One thought on “51 Little Coffins: Massive Funeral Procession In Yemen For The Saada School Bus Massacre Martyrs”

  1. I’m a foreigner not Yemeni and it’s made me sick since I read here about this brutal killing of these children. I’ve had a difficult time sleeping and eating also.
    One day soon they will be all judged for this murderous deed.
    Pray God takes them all to heaven and this slaughter soon stops.

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