A Yemeni Tragedy In 3 Photos: Eid al-Adha Last Year, Saada School Bus Massacre, Eid al-Adha This Year

by Jonathan Azaziah

The heart can only take so much. And you’ll be hard-pressed to stop yours from breaking after reading the following and taking it in. This is Zayd Hussein Tayyeb. He’s an Ansarullahi medic from the holy city of Dahyan in Yemen’s Saada. He’s saved countless lives on the northern Yemeni front, both civilians and fighters. On the left he is pictured with his younger brother Yusuf and his three sons, Ahmed, Ali and Hassan on Eid al-Adha last year. A family united. A family intact. Although the criminal, barbaric war and siege brought upon the Yemeni nation by US-UK-‘Israeli’-backed Saudi Arabia raged all around them… They stayed together and found a way to observe Islam’s second holiest celebration.

Fast forward to the present when tragedy struck. That’s the middle photo. On August 9th, the monstrous, blood-drenched House of Saud bombed a school bus full of children in Dahyan as it passed through a market back to summer camp where Yemeni youths were learning and memorizing the Holy Qur’an. At least 51 children–most of them under 10–were slaughtered and more than 79 others were wounded in the massacre carried out by the Saudi “royals” with US-ZOG-provided armaments. As he had done so many times before, Mr. Tayyeb rushed to the scene minutes after the American-Saudi-Zionist crime to help recover the bodies of martyrs and assist with the injured in hopes of preventing anymore deaths. The carnage was mind-boggling. Little children beheaded, dismembered and lifeless everywhere. Bloody coloring books and backpacks scattered across the streets. Mr. Tayyeb combed through the wreckage looking for survivors and instead… Found his son. Dying inside but persevering nevertheless, he solemnly carried the child’s broken and battered frame to safety. Then he found his other son. Then his brother, who had been chaperoning the picnic the children departed from before the Wahhabi tyrants took their lives. That he had the strength not to shatter after finding his slaughtered kin and then also continue to help other devastated parents… is proof positive that chivalry is far from dead. Indeed, chivalry’s very essence is Yemeni. Continue reading A Yemeni Tragedy In 3 Photos: Eid al-Adha Last Year, Saada School Bus Massacre, Eid al-Adha This Year