Horrific ISIS Attack On Shi’a Students In Kabul Reveals ‘Israeli’ Oded Yinon Plan For Afghanistan

by Jonathan Azaziah

The murderous assault on occupied Afghanistan’s (predominantly Hazara) Shi’a community rages on but the global response has been like a tree falling in the wilderness–it’s as if it didn’t even happen ’cause you weren’t there, right? Disgusting isn’t even the word. Sickening doesn’t even begin to describe such duplicity.

When the Zionist media told you that soldiers of the Libyan Armed Forces, following the orders of Colonel Muammar Qadhafi, were getting near-stoned on Viagra and running around like crazed beasts raping Libyan civilians who had “oppositionist” sympathies… You ate it up like it was pudding. Then when the same “chosenite”-controlled corporate press told you that Syrian President Dr. Bashar al-Assad, after consuming a stew comprised of puppies, baby seals and kittens, gassed Syrian civilians with chemical weapons he didn’t even have… You drank it up like it was liquid chocolate. The hasbara’s a high for you, ain’t it?

But when a Takfiri terrorist walks into a classroom of Mawoud Academy–a Shi’a education center in the poor Kabul neighborhood of Dasht-e-Barchi–blows himself up, and slaughters nearly 50 young students taking extra lessons to prepare for their university entrance exams just a few weeks away… You shrivel up into specks of dust in a sandstorm and fade into the background. People who represented the future of Afghanistan ripped to shreds and thrown into a cocktail of building debris, body parts and bomb fragments. Ambulance sirens screeching. At least 60 other innocents wounded and left to process the shock of the massacre from gurneys while medics tried to save their lives. Carnage mixed with even greater carnage. And the world? Can’t be bothered. We repeat: The duplicity, the selective humanity, the disconnectedness… Leaves us gobsmacked. Continue reading Horrific ISIS Attack On Shi’a Students In Kabul Reveals ‘Israeli’ Oded Yinon Plan For Afghanistan